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Shaista nailed it. Altanta is 54% black, and in Oakland blacks&latinos outnumber whites 2 to 1.
Compare: NYC, 40% white, Oakland 26% white. 

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Dear comrades, these are important lessons for us, in solidarity, mutual empowerment and growth. The repression of these two cities: Atlanta and Oakland--have long histories of entrenched police brutality and victimization. We need to hold each other--these peaceful protests will grow as it becomes more and more evident whether the police are part of the 99%.

Who Occupies Oakland?

"The order of the day is to decolonize, transform, and liberate Oakland.  This means being real about who actually occupies Oakland.  Politically, economically, discursively, militarily – the Oakland police run this town.  At one point Tuesday morning a phalanx of riot cops blocked us from the scores of other cops tearing down free schools, medical clinics, a kitchen, dozens of tents, our abandoned barricades – a whole mini-township and community that had been built over the last two weeks.  A young protester yelled at the police line that they had brought a ‘fascist police state’ to the city.  The truth is that all that happened was a geographical redeployment of an already existing militarized police force from the Deep East, Fruitvale, and West Oakland into downtown for the night.  What the racially and politically diverse Occupy Oakland encampment faced in the early hours of the morning was a glimmer of the daily, lived experience of black and brown working class people in this city.  From racial profiling gang injunctions to recently fast-tracked curfews, and ongoing killings of unarmed black men, there has been a police state here for many years – that means more than evictions, but life and death."

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Please note BOTH these cities are predominantly Black demographics.

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Atlanta cleared too


They've just done the same in Atlanta.

"When justice is gone, there's always force." - Laurie Anderson



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See for a
regularly updated account of the violent police raid on Occupy Oakland
early this morning. Be sure to look at the shocking photographic
account of the police action at the top of the page. This is what
democracy looks like? Let's send these images around the world. -- Jackie


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