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Hi- these are my buddies with a GREAT radio show- please call up- here's a chance to speak up and let the truth be known- thanx

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Subject: Forward Blitz Blog Talk Radio - Occupy Movement
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Good evening, per our discussion earlier today Nicole and I would like to extend an invitation to you and your friends from the occupy movement to join us on our Blog Talk radio program The Forward Blitz tonight at 8PM EST.  I will call you around 8pm, if you have anyone interested in coming on the program send me their number so I may call them from our switchboard or have them call, 424-675-8317.

Per our conservation we are interested in exposing some of the incorrect information being conveyed by some folks.  We will be touching on subjects such as, Folks stating that the Occupy movement is being funded by George Soros and Ad Busters - and how some folks are seeing that as simply more corporate deception, Ron Paul supporters co-opting Occupy Movements to turn them into political campaigning encampments for the potential of his Presidential election, The issues of ageism and sexism beginning to occur in some of the movement, Occupy spin off movements of many types for many issues (mostly making their occupation a single issue focused movement), the long island couple who are seeking to trade mark the occupy wall street name to create products to sell, is this more capitalism? 

Again, We look forward to talking with you on the program, and would be thrilled to hear from anyone else you know or have contact with that can clear up any of these issues.

Dennis Biancuzzo & Nicole Nichols
The Forward Blitz Network

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