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NYT adbusters quote and info - EEEK!! inaccuracy




Protest organizers are hoping to turn out tens of thousands of people

on Saturday in a second day of global demonstrations in solidarity

with Occupy Wall Street. This latest call for a global day of protest

comes the editors of Adbusters, a Canadian anticorporate magazine

which dreamed up the idea of a movement called Occupy Wall Street back

and set Sept. 17 as the date for the start of the protest in Lower

Manhattan back in July.


As the Lede reported last week, the magazine is attempting to push the

"leaderless people-powered movement for democracy" which was "inspired

by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas,"

toward a concrete goal: demanding the imposition of a so-called Robin

Hood tax on financial transactions. In support of that idea, they have

called for worldwide protests on Saturday, Oct. 29, days before world

leaders gather for the next Group of 20 summit meeting in Cannes,



"As the movement matures, let's consider a response to our critics,"

the magazine's editors wrote in a "tactical briefing" released this

month. "Let's occupy the core of our global system. Let's dethrone the

greed that defines this new century. Let's work to define our one

great demand."





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>> pretty impressive research / reporting from ny times w/ live-blog /

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>> of nationwide #occupy protests tonight from ny times.




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