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the national standing "dat after" plan is genius and should be

implemented, this should be proposed at the GA today?


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>  I would be skeptical about this becoming a real general strike, but whereas

> a month ago I would have ridiculed the notion, now.... who knows!

> Meanwhile on the Labor Outreach list one person asked if we should do a

> solidarity action in NYC next Wednesday. And I asked about

> a national standing "day after" plan, i.e. just as we do for expected

> attacks by the US or Israel, an agreement that when any Occupy site is

> attacked, the next day all Occupy sites will have special solidarity marches

> or other events.

> Andy


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> Absolutely. If we can get some serious strike action our protests will

> be a lot more scary.


> Labor is going to be key in the long run.


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