From:   J.A. Myerson <>
Sent time:   Thursday, October 27, 2011 9:36:40 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Here's what I got from Ben...

...of Ben and Jerry's after sending him everyone's suggestions.

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Hi Jesse--
Thanks for your help and rapid response. 
Ben and Jerry's the company is looking to find ways to help.  But Jerry and I as individuals are also looking for ways to help.  Working as individuals is less beaurocratic  and easier, but as individuals we're not able to do everything the company can do. I'll let Jeff speak for the company and i'll speak for me.

with regard to the ideas in your email:

I have already worked with contacts at patagonia and cold weather gear is being shipped to NYC

I will be at zucotti park scooping ice cream this coming sunday, monday, and tuesday afternoon

I have made a donation.

I am ready to show up at smaller occupations and try to generate some buzz.  Which occupations would you suggest, and do you have contact info for someone vaguely in charge at those occupations?
Here are some other ideas that I'd like to get feedback on:

I'm thinking of buying and donating a used bus for the NYC Occupy encampment.  I think the bus could be used as a place to warm up and stay dry.  It could also be used for transportation and as a mobile billboard.  Also for parades. 

I think there is a need for (and desire amongst) OWS sympathizers that are not at zucotti park to show their support and solidarity with the protesters.  A way to do this would be to distribute (possibly sell) armbands and lapel pins at the park and online. I can work with a top notch designer to design them and get them produced.

I think that it would be good to plant colorful banners in zucotti park to create a visual impression that is bright and cheery and welcoming and happy.  Currently, especially on overcast days, the scene can look kind of dark and sinister to passers by and in media photos.  Again I can get them designed and produced.

I am working on getting a list of businesses to sign on to a statement in support of OWS. A list of 40 mostly smaller businesses/business people that have already signed on is attached. 

I have a friend who is the former president of the Pacific Stock Exchange.  He would like to get involved-- possibly do some civil disobedience. 

I'm thinking that we could obtain a food cart like the ones that are currently on the sidewalk next to zucotti park.  It could officially be an ice cream/ hot chocolate cart but it could mostly serve the purpose of being a concensus machine. It might have an electronic straw poll feature. and be a place for people to coalesce and comment about proposals that are going to be brought up at the general assembly.
So please let me know what you think. It would be great to get together when I'm in NYC. I'd have time after I'm done scooping around 5pm on sun, mon, or tues, or tuesday morning.

Thanks again for your help, Jesse.

J.A. Myerson