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Subject:   [september17discuss] From OWS to OccupyDetroit

Hello all,


I'm planning a ride out to Occupy Detroit this weekend with some @OccupyTheHood folks, and I wanted to reach out to all the working groups that may be interested in sending a small care package to this young, but strong, occupation.


For example, if media has some extra batteries or tripods, or Food has some non-perishables, or sanitation has some warm clothing.


The plan right now is to rent a van Friday afternoon at around 2pm to take 6-8 people, and 3 spots are already taken. We will return to NYC Monday evening. If you are interested in coming, please reply to me offline!


One thing we could definitely use is a small film crew to document the trip! Or a caring benefactor to help pay for the drive :)


In solidarity,


Justin Wedes