From:   Abraham Heisler <>
Sent time:   Thursday, October 27, 2011 2:16:30 PM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #Media - 99% Collaborative Documentary Project

Hey guys,


Some of you might remember that a woman named, Audrey, came to our

meeting two weeks ago. She is helping to coordinate a collaborative

documentary that covers the #occupy movement all over the USA. She

wanted to propose a working relationship with the OWS NYC #Media WG.

Since, we thought Bloomberg was coming the next day, we didn't get a

chance to discuss if it was something we would like to participate in

or not.


I am pasting below her write up about the project and request for our

involvement. I think it would be good to discuss and come to decision

whether we want to support this as a group or if interesting

individuals should approach her separately.


It is important that we are somehow aware of this project as some

people in media have been talking about working on larger pieces and

it would be good not to reinvent the wheel or at least make the same

film that is already being made.


I am in no way affiliated with her or the project, but she received my

contact and has been trying to communicate to the #Media WG through







99% - The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film is a documentary film

spearheaded by 60 award-winning independent filmmakers, photographers,

and videographers across

the country. We have come together and pledged our time, skills and

gear to cover

the events taking place in NYC and around the country. The end product will be

a compelling, cinematic, resonant, and honest portrait of the Occupy Wall Street



As protests have spread across the country, many have complained that

the media is

failing to provide honest, nuanced coverage. Audrey Ewell, an

award-winning New York

filmmaker and the founder of the project, says: “It started as a media

blackout. Then

came the media circus, and an overabundance of superficial coverage. I

felt a need

to gather footage from all over the country and craft a document of

the big picture. I

had the thought that while we’re all busy working on other films, what

if a bunch of us

filmmakers got together and filmed one hour a day, or whatever we

could do, and made

a collaborative film? And then I realized that it should be open to

anyone with a desire to

be involved. So that’s what it is. We have people from all over the

country contributing.”


All formats are accepted. All points of view are welcome. All

filmmakers and contributors

will be credited. It is an independent, objective film, told from many

perspectives, but

with experienced filmmakers crafting it into a cohesive whole.



The letter I sent to filmmaker friends:


With 700 peaceful protesters arrested yesterday in NYC as part of the

Occupy Wall

Street movement, there's simply no way I can ignore this. We all have

other projects in

the works! We're busy! I know! So in the spirit of the movement

itself, I am calling on

other filmmakers to join this collaborative project and make it happen together.


99% - An Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Project is to be created by many

independent filmmakers who have come together and pledged their time,

skills and gear

to cover the events taking place in NYC and around the country.


Filmmakers: we want you to join us!


The goals of this project are to:


1. Move quickly


2. Include as many filmmakers as want to be involved


3. Quickly record, collect and give a rudimentary edit to raw footage

when possible so

we can broadcast the moment as it is happening


4. Release the edited footage as a collaborative feature film in

theaters, on DVD,

Television, and of course online


We have award winning documentary producers, directors, editors as

well as PR people

and distributors amongst us but are also happy to include students or

new filmmakers.


Here's what we need across the country:


Shooters - Editors - Sound Recordists - Gear - Website builders -

Researchers - Graphic

designers - Illustrators - Photographers


There will be a dedicated community youtube channel for footage to go

up on as it's

shot. Facebook and Twitter pages to spread the word. Press releases to

find supporters

and collaborators.


I am getting this off the ground and will facilitate so there is

central organization. I will

keep track of who's filming what, establish systems, collect footage,

help with distributing

it to editors and liaising amongst collaborators, set up the website,

youtube, social media

pages, etc, find outside help with resources as necessary, and just

generally produce

and stay on top of things – and film when there’s any time left!


Here's what we need YOU to do: Whatever you want! Shoot local footage,

do research,

help with the organizational elements, the website or graphic design

elements, AND

FORWARD THIS TO OTHER FILMMAKERS! The systems and needs of the film will be

more defined as we progress.


Anyone interested in collaborating should write to Audrey Ewell at




Basic info on the project:


1. Everyone who contributes footage that is used in the feature

documentary film will be

paid a set fee per amount used. The fee will be determined by the

budget we're able to

raise. Expect it to be very small!


2. Everyone who contributes footage will retain the rights to their

footage - they will

just license the bit used in the film in an all-rights, in-perpetuity

license. Everyone will

be credited. We might ask that you not use that same footage in

another project for a

year after release - but we're open to people's feelings on that. If

the usage is different

enough from this film, it’s probably fine. If not, as most of us know,

this is a significant

enough deterrent to distributors that we might not be able to include

your footage in the



3) Everyone will discuss what is and should be submitted and included

in the film,

and a core group of award-winning filmmakers will shape the final

film, handle post-

production, press, funding, and distribution. The core group is

comprised of filmmakers

who have already been through the process of making and distributing

feature length

films. Audrey Ewell is facilitating and over-seeing the entire

process, right now acting

as the core producer. She will never stop being the core producer, but

other producers

may come on to help. Other filmmakers include Aaron Aites (Until The Light Takes

Us), Michael Galinsky and Suki Stetson (Battle for Brooklyn, Horns and

Halos), Ava

Duvernay (distributor of independent black films via her distribution

co AFFRM, dir/prod

I Will Follow, in post on a feature starring David Oyelowo), Aaron

Yanes as supervising

editor (a frequent Barry Levinson editor, he’s also edited many

award-winning features


and documentaries, from Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner PADRE NUESTRO, to

James Toback's Cannes prize-winning TYSON), Tyler Brodie (Another

Earth, Terri, Half

Nelson, etc), Joanna Dworkin (Love and Diane), Bob Ray (Badass, others) and many



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99% on Facebook

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And our Youtube channel, which we’ve found that people are slow to

update, and for

which we’re in the process of re-organizing our upload system: 99filmchannel