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On 10/27/11, Jon Good <> wrote:

> I feel obligated to point out that it's corporate profit motive that's

> driving brutality in Latin America and repression of immigrants in the U.S.

> The directive to maintain the SOA comes from the corner offices of Wall

> Street, not from Fort Benning. As long as companies have their screws in

> our government and can get our politicians and generals to think that

> "certain regions" need to be "secured" for "the good of the economy",

> America will keep on using its resources to train death squads, fund drug

> cartels, and murder anyone who tries to stand up for the rights of the

> people.


> So I would love to suggest that people really bring the message that the

> Army and ICE are all just stooges for making Citibank and Goldman

> Sachs richer. They're doing the work that drives immigrants from their

> homes, and that keeps them as an underclass of cheap, exploitable labor when

> they come here in search of opportunity. Wall Street owns our military.

> Wall Street owns our borders. Wall Street owns the whole darn government.


> Solidarity,


> Jon