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Oakland Calls - We Answer

All out in the Streets in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland

Wednesday, November 2nd


Early Tuesday morning 900 police from a dozen police agencies in the

Bay Area, along with Homeland Security, brutally cracked down on

demonstrators who marched in support of Occupy Oakland.  The

demonstrators were marching to reestablish the Oakland occupation,

which was shut down earlier in the day. At least one person was

critically injured, 24 year old Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, who was

struck in the face with a projectile launched by police.


In response to the violent repression, which included the use of tear

gas, guns that use incapacitating bean bags, batons and the arrests of

over 85 protesters, the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland has called

for a Mass Day of Action and a General Strike in Oakland to take place

on Wednesday November 2nd.


We support Oakland's call.  In the wake of the violence used by the

police in Oakland, also in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver,Boston, New York

and elsewhere, we are asking  students and community organizations,

unions, anti-war groups, all progressive organizations and individuals

across the country to take to the streets in solidarity.  Defend

Oakland! Defend all the occupations!


All Out Wednesday, November 2nd

We Are Oakland

Stop Police Brutality

We Shall Not be Moved


Supported by:

Bail Out the People Movement, Labor-Community Forum/South Bronx

Community Congress; May 1 Workers & Immigrant Rights Coalition,

Council on American Islamic Relations, New York Chapter (CAIR-NY);

United National Antiwar Coalition; The Islamic Leadership Council of

Metropolitan NY (Majlis Ash-Shura) Social Justice Committee; SEIU

Local 32BJ* Latino Caucus - Ed Figueroa-Chair; Charles Jenkins, VP

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; Larry Hales, New Yorkers Against

the Budget Cuts; Mike Eilenfeldt-Delegate-NYC Central Labor Council*

Ramsey Clark - Awarded UN Human Rights Award, former U.S. Attorney

General, FrantzMendes, Pres. United Steelworkers Local 8751, Boston

School Bus Union



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