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Yes! Is a great magazine and the book is a great project - all to

support OWS, politically and financially.




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If anyone can help with reaching the poet of this piece, we would very

much like to get permission to run the piece in the book we're putting

together. We'll have to hear from him by Friday if we are to include




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Hi there,

I'm looking to get in touch with whoever handles reprint requests for

Wasalu Jaco/Lupe Fiasco. YES! Magazine and Berrett-Koehler Publishers

are publishing a book on Occupy Wall Street, and we're considering his

poem, "Money Man"--originally published in the second edition of the

Occupied Wall Street Journal--for inclusion in the book. I'm writing

to ask for permission to use the poem. (Please see attached permission



Purpose of the book:

This book will be a collection of articles about Occupy Wall Street,

both from movement organizers and from commentators like Naomi Klein,

Ralph Nader, and David Korten. The book is intended to help clarify

the power and possibilities of the Occupy movement, and inspire many

more people to become involved in a variety of ways. The book will

provide powerful frames and insights for understanding the movement's

meaning, significance, methods, and potential impact.



We have a small budget for this book, and can offer Lupe Fiasco

$.20/word, should his poem be included. We plan to donate all

royalties from sales of the printed book to benefit the Occupy

movement. Some of the authors included in the book have chosen to

donate their writers fee to benefit the movement as well.


I've attached a permissions request. Please let me know as soon as you

can if we can include your article in the book. We're on a tight

deadline, so I'll need the signed permissions request by tomorrow

(Thursday) the 27th.

Our fax number is (206) 842-5208. Or it can be scanned and emailed

back to me at this email address.

We're so excited to watch this powerful movement unfold, and are eager

to lend our support. Many thanks for helping me to contact the right



Jessica Lind-Diamond

Development Manager

YES! Magazine

(206) 842-5009 ext. 213

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