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Sent time:   Friday, October 28, 2011 1:08:48 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Online Occupy USA Conference tomorrow

Hey, everyone, 

An online meeting for Occupy USA is going to take place tomorrow, October 28, 
followed by the North America meeting, October 29, and the Occupy Spain, October 30 (the location and time for this one is not clear yet, i will email this separately )
Please, make sure that at least one representative from your occupation will be able to participate. 
And please, pass this information on to others. 

Occupy USA
1st Informational Meeting:
This Friday October 28th at 11:00am PST, 12pm Mountain Time, 1pm, Central Time, 2pm EST
Location:  >>TeamSpeak<<
Google group:
Form to Vote for future Assembly Meeting Times:

Occupy North America 

Email list link: 
Form to Vote for future Assembly Meeting Times: 
1st Informational Meeting: 
This Saturday October 29th at 11:00am PST, 12pm Mountain Time, 1pm, Central Time, 2pm EST 
Location: Mumble DRY server: 
port: 64738 
Channel: Occupy 
Instruciones Mumble 
Conference Call #:  Free Conference Call Conference Dial-in Number: (209) 647-1000  Participant Access Code: 431163# 

There are also meetings scheduled for North America (saturday) and Spain (Sunday) most likely in Mumble.
A Google Group has been set up, that will be used to coordinate and schedule future online meetings:

Anna Petrova

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