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I have made, offered, and sent the following revisions.  Please comment:

On September 17, 2011, people from across the United States of America and the world joined together to protest the injustices blatant in our times that are being perpetuated by economic and political elites within a corrupted social, political, and economic system.  


As individuals we rose up against systematic political disenfranchisement and widespread social and economic injustice.  We spoke out, resisted, and successfully occupied Wall Street.  


Today, we proudly remain in Liberty Square constituting ourselves as a community of autonomous political beings engaged in non-violent civil disobedience and building solidarity based on mutual respect, acceptance, and love.  


We have been joined in these efforts by Occupations across the Nation and the globe in a Movement that continues to grow.


It is from these reclaimed grounds that we say to all Americans and to the world:


Enough!  How many crises does it take?  The time has come for action.  We are the 99% and we are acting to reclaim our mortgaged future. Through direct democratic process we have come together as individuals and crafted the following principles of solidarity.  These points of unity include but are not limited to:

We dare to imagine an alternative social, political, and economic system that offers and ensures greater possibilities of equality and justice.  

We will continue to formulate and consolidate the principles of solidarity which unite us and will seek in due time to translate these into viable and practical solutions to the current ills of society in the United States and the wider world.


On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 5:45 AM, Winter Siroco <> wrote:
There is a new working group for the consolidation of the Principles of Solidarity of the Wall Street Occupation

We are synthesizing and consolidating the Principles of Solidarity of the Wall Street Occupation. These principles were drafted in the General Assembly break out groups during the first days and weeks of the occupation. There have been three drafts of this document thus far; each consolidated draft was returned to the General Assembly and again edited by GA break out groups. The last draft (#3) passed with consensus on September 23. It, along with the Declaration, are the only documents with GA consensus. This (working) draft is online at: We will be posting it here as well. This working draft, however, is not complete (it passed with consensus as a working draft), we are moving the fourth draft along and we aim for consensus as soon as possible (keeping in mind that Principles of Solidarity is a living document).

The principles document aims to be as inclusive as possible and keeps in mind the realistic parameters, i.,e. principles of solidarity originated here in the square and was drafted by using the direct democratic process of the GA. It is important for this document to remain true to the process in which it was created. To be clear, the Consolidation group does not write the principles of the occupation, we only figure out how to structure a bullet point or sentence that includes everyone’s input abut the same principle.

The members of this group have been busy with other tasks recently, but we are giving our best efforts to move this document along. We are still working on the fourth (and complete) draft. This is the first time we are putting working drafts online that have yet to gain GA consensus. We welcome your edits, suggestions, and thoughts. It would especially be helpful to include what you are responding to directly (one idea would be to copy and paste the line or principle you are editing). We will be synthesizing these principles next week (possibly after another GA break out group) and will hopefully bring it to the GA for consensus on the full draft in the next week or two (this may be an unrealistic goal…). The documents are also here for transparency, accessibility, and to familiarize new comers to the principles document.


1. Make edits!

2. Leave Comments and/or suggestions about the document (including structure, voice, tone, etc.)

2. If you’re interested in synthesizing the principles please send an email We are trying to arrange a meeting for next week. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the task, consolidation operates best with just a handful of people (we are looking for available people!), however, our meetings will discuss other structural approaches to the document, the future of solidarity and like documents, forums, etc.