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Sent time:   Friday, October 28, 2011 6:28:32 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Thursday 10/27 Media Working Group

Here are the meeting notes from Thursday 10/27 Media Working Group



* John from Radio WG says that equip and power source are intermittent but the signal is reaching outside the park when the system is up. Looking for folks to get involved with tech or content input. Goal is to eliminate peoples' mic but decided to supplement instead and thereby reduce waves. John posted draft of radio proposal to googlegroup

- Abe said he would put John in touch with Primo.

- Todd said he should talk to Becky and John already has.


* Andrew wants to find a way to way to get folks to sign up


* Fix reported that the Times Square video is completed


* John from photo group said they are trying to upload 20 photos a day to a blog


* Abe filmed (w/ Jaime) a movie related to moving your money.


* Renee shot smaller pieces with kids, wal-mart(?) etc


* John wants to learn to edit



1) Budget - as relates to purchase of new equipment & lost/stolen items:

Todd wants to insure that there is a check in/out system for new equipment before purchase is made.

Storage @ 52 Bdwy? Lafayette? Han is working on another space with UFT

Storage cases, equipment manager?

Equipment list and sign in/sign out sheet needed.


Group volunteered to create proposal for how items should be managed, tracked:

Todd, Renee, David, Fix, Jaime, Lauri will draft proposal by next Tuesday.


- Fix will update budget list, save as word doc "#budgetreview" and post to google docs by Friday afternoon. Group will contribute input by next Tuesday so budget can be discussed at next Wednesday 11am meeting. Notes for budget should be added to end of googledocs as follows - name, date, notes

Fix will:

~ Add more detail on what the items are for.

~ Add additional items - option to have tower vs laptops

~ Add RFID scan all high ticket items?


- Andrew will create a separate budget for lost/stolen, storage, space. How should these items be dealt with? Lauri proposed that we present it to finance/GA for approval.


2) Internet connection of material:

- Add link to to

- Renee will add frequently asked questions

- Primo can publish to PR workgroup and occupywallstreet

- David had a conversation w/ person financing occupywallst

- Josh offered to construct a site - Andrew, Josh and David will construct site for Monday review


3) Coordination of different subgroups w/in media

- Are meetings efficient?

- How many people are using 1/2 the group. Folks seemed to indicate that they would prefer that we wait to see what happens with new website on Monday vs deciding how involved we should get with We do need someone to maintain the NYC site.

- We need a person who is an onsite coordinator who handles daily requests, ingest of footage, etc

- Abe proposed that someone be responsible to coordinate daily shoots.

- Distinction was made between daily coordination and proposal for how pieces are completed.

- Is there space in media area? No clear answer...

- What happens to media/footage?

- Start of day they review who is doing what, how it is being managed, etc

- Andrew will create a project list on

- There is a server in media tent w/ a 7TB server? What is the story with this new tent and the server, etc? No answers...

- Abe restates his proposal:

* We have someone be responsible for events, coordinating shooting, transferring data, etc available daily. Method: Every month one person is responsible for choosing four people to manage each week and insure that someone is onsite daily to take care of these responsibility.

- Proposal has consensus and Abe will draft and post to group for 24 hr online review and voting.


4) Production meetings:

Consensus confirmation that meetings are as follows

- Tues & Thur @ 5 pm are open

- All other days are active production meetings @ 11am If new folks attend they can stay but we ask that they hold questions till the end in most cases.

- We need to update with this info


5) Proposal for how to create pieces:

- Fix presented proposal for a method of creating interest pieces vs dailies

- Fix accepted Andrew's friendly amendment that he clarify the distinction between interest & daily pieces plus add a line that speaks about insuring that the project, team members, contact info and a brief description are listed on googledocs

- Proposal has consensus and Fix will draft and post to group for 24 hr online review and voting.


Tabled Agenda Items:

6) Collaborate with other filmmakers

7) Security



- Josh says that he wants to set up a way to "read only" share our footage.



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