From:   Abraham Heisler <>
Sent time:   Friday, October 28, 2011 8:49:37 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #Film #Vote - Abe's Wheel Proposal
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Hello everyone,

Last night we had a very productive meeting and covered some pertinent issues pertaining to the #Film/#Production team. (This is the department of media responsible for edited content).

Looking at the pieces we have done on and want to do in future, there are two types of content: 1) News related (daily recaps, man on the street interviews) & 2) Special interest pieces (how to videos, vignettes, PR, documentary, etc.)

Feedback from the public points to the appreciation and need for both styles of content. In the last few weeks we have moved away from daily recaps and daily coordinators to focus on higher concept pieces and one the results is that our output has dropped considerably. We've also become less organized and more dispersed.

It is my firm belief that there is no shortage of available resources (shooters and editors) only a shortage of ways to engage and activate the people who want to work. So, I am putting forth a proposal as an easy model for coordinating daily shoots, while Fix is putting forward a model that would serve to coordinate special interest pieces. Between the two models, I feel we can get back to an effective working pace and raise our level of output.

As this is a #Vote, please be reminded that only people who have appeared in meetings at least once a week can block or make friendly amendments.

Proposal - Abe's Wheel (it is a wheel because of the rotation of responsibility)

This model is solely for daily content coordination and having people on the ground, not for special interest pieces or other projects (Fix will cover that in his proposal).

Each MONTH, one person will be responsible to:

1. FInd 4 people to be responsible each for one week of your month. 4 weeks = 4 people.

2. Assist those 7 people whenever they come to you with a question or in need of help.

3. Find the person who will take over your position the following month.

Each WEEK, one person will be responsible to:

1. Find AT LEAST (but not limited to) 7 people to be responsible each for one day of the week. 7 days = 7 people.

2. Assist those 7 people whenever they come to you with a question or in need of help.

Each DAY, one person will be responsible to:

1. FInd 1-2 other people to help coordinate for the day. (Best to have someone in morning and someone in afternoon/evening).

2. Find shooters to be present on the day.

3. Make sure important events are covered.

4. Do their best to help build interesting content to go up on - Daily recaps are good, but each one should be unique and interesting.

5. Either attend the morning 9AM OWS check in meeting or have someone else attend and then convey such information at the 11AM production meeting.

6. Facilitate 11AM production meeting and engage new people.

7. Coordinate dumping footage onto drives.

8. Be in the media space, help answer questions from the public and manage the sign up sheet.

Things keep changing on a day to day basis, but with the wheel, there is a system in place to get your back, so people do not become overworked and burned out. The key is to keep the rotation going.

Friendly amendment from Josh (JB) - Sunday should be the day that people sign up for being daily coordinators. If you cannot make a Sunday meeting and would like to coordinate, just give your name to whoever the weekly or monthly coordinator is. Names shall be posted on google group and wherever else.

It is a good idea to have new people start off as a daily coordinator and then work their way up to weekly/monthly coordinator. This because you need to have some understanding of how things flow in the park and with the media team in order to assume wider levels of responsibility.

Link to online google doc -