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A Look at the Day's News, Opinions and Stories of the Protests on Wall Street and Beyond

NY Post (Sonja Sharp): FDNY doing safety inspection of park; remove occupiers’ generators

FDNY firefighters moved into the Occupy Wall Street camp at Zuccotti Park this morning for a safety inspection and ended up hauling out at least two generators.

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NY Daily News (Christina Boyle): OWS protesters stripped of power -- literally

CBS New York: Fire official conduct surprising inspection of Zuccotti Park


Reuters (Peter Henderson): Wounded Iraq vet awake after Oakland protest injury

An Iraq war veteran badly wounded in clashes between protesters and police on the streets of Oakland was awake and lucid, hospital officials and family members said on Thursday.

Politico (MJ Lee): Occupy Wall Street to march on NYC banks today

Occupy Wall Street protesters will march to five banks in Manhattan on Friday and deliver thousands of letters to the companies — in the form of a “mass paper airplane throwing.”

Huffington Post: Gov. Cuomo tried to evict protesters in Albany

Andrew Cuomo's refusal to extend New York's "Millionaire Tax", set to expire at the end of this year, has galvanized Occupy Wall Street into opposing the popular first-term governor.

CNN (Marty Linsky): OWS is going nowhere without leadership

I would not take anything away from the success of Occupy Wall Street in bringing so many people together in Lower Manhattan and elsewhere. It is quite an accomplishment. Notwithstanding what has happened so far, the hard work of leadership has not yet begun.

The Atlantic (Alex Roarty): Some Democrats are wary of Occupy Wall Street

Pinched by a still sour economy and a deeply pessimistic public, President Obama and his Democratic allies are evincing a sharper, far more populist message as a defense against next year's Republican charge. Highlighted by a $450 billion proposal in Congress, paid for by taxing the wealthy, they have found a message tailor-made for their traditional base.

Associated Press: Occupy Wall Street spreading to state capitols

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators plan to occupy the state Capitol in New York and in other states this weekend. The Occupy Albany group plans events Saturday beginning at noon with participants from throughout the state.

NY Daily News (Tom Allon): Why I support OWS – a mayoral candidate spends night in park

When I got to Zuccotti Park on Tuesday night, I expected to find an unfocused group of protesters who didn't know the issues of the day or even what their goals are. I now know that nothing could be further from the truth.

NY Daily News (Mike Lupica): Madoff story reminder of why protesters occupy Zuccotti

Now we are expected to believe that Bernie Madoff, once a star of the one-percenters, could run the kind of elaborate Ponzi scheme he did and steal billions under the nose of the SEC, but not know how many sleeping pills he and his wife needed to take themselves out. Like he finally forgot how to count.

Fox News (Tom Borelli): OWS should protest crony capitalism

NY Post (Erik Kriss): Silver renews call for rich tax

Albany Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver renewed his call yesterday for a state millionaires tax as another poll showed strong backing by voters.

NY Post (Ed Mullins): Hurt a sarge and we’ll take you to court

As the president of the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association, I understand and respect the concepts of free speech and assembly. Contrary to what many people believe, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have been given a wide berth over the last few weeks, which has enabled them to take their movement on the road to other cities throughout America.

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NY Daily News (Doyle, Willis, Boyle): OWS gets dangerous; NYPD threatens to sue rowdy demonstrators


NY Post (Sutherland, Algar, Venezia): Occupiers flee to wherever it’s free

As fed-up cops are prepared to slap rowdy “Occupy Wall Street” protesters with civil lawsuits, fed-up Zuccotti Park protesters have found a way take a slap at Mother Nature. Some of the OWS masses dodged yesterday’s cold and rain by ditching their tents and huddling in a nearby art gallery with free WiFi.

NY Times (Jenny Anderson): Occupying Wall Street with your kids

Last week, a friend of mine uploaded a picture to Facebook of her 3-year-old son on her husband’s shoulders. It looked as though there was a party in the background. They were occupying Wall Street.

NY Times (Corey Kilgannon): Playing the occupation for laughs

One comedian derided the group of Occupy Wall Street protesters in the front row as Ivy League nerds. Another ridiculed the “mic-check” format of public speaking favored by protesters since they have been prohibited from using bullhorns. Even their nonviolent protest methods came under fire.

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