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Subject:   [september17discuss] Climate Justice Day at OWS this Sunday

Climate Justice Day will start at 11am Sunday at OWS. We will march from OWS to the Atrium at 60 Wall St for the Nightmare on Wall St panel, including Chris Williams and Daniel Lazare from the Nation. Then march back to OWS for lunch and teach-ins! Bring your chanting voices.

Don’t let the 1% foreclose on the planet!
Join us for a teach-in/speak-out/rally on Sunday, October 30, 11am at Occupy Wall Street
For over a month, protestors have been Occupying Wall Street in a protest against corporate greed and malfeasance. Their stand against corporate greed has given inspiration and hope to victims of the economic crisis that another world is possible.
On October 12th, the labor movement mobilized its members to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors and say, “This fight is our fight, too.” 
As environmentalists, we know that the worst polluters and most trenchant enemies of sustainability are the same corporations that are targeted by the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
On Sunday, Oct. 30, 11am we invite groups and individuals in the environmental movement to converge on Liberty Plaza to stand in solidarity with the occupiers against the 1%, who are rapidly destroying our planet. 
The fight for a sustainable society begins with a fight against the status quo of a system addicted to oil, off-shore drilling, and trans-continental pipelines.
It begins with a fight against the system which allows a nuclear power plant to evade safety requirements, be built on multiple fault lines, near 20 million people, and produce waste that will cause areas of our planet to be inhospitable for thousands of years.
It begins with a fight against the system that proposes pumping thousands of gallons of fresh water and chemicals into the ground to and permanently altering the geology of our planet for short-term profit. 
It begins with a fight against the control of the 1% over our economic resources. Don’t let the 1% foreclose on our planet.
Join us on Sunday to say no to nuclear power, fracking, off-shore drilling, trans-continental pipelines and yes to a green, renewable, and sustainable energy future.