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As I posted before on the list,  they are offering $$ for transmitting the videos.  here is the flyer I sent out last week.
I know someone on this list is doing stuff at MNN, (Public Access TV in Manhattan) This, FSTV is like Public Access nationwide! 
This is super important if you care about Media JUSTICE.  I think aligning distribution with "power to the people" mediums is essential. 
and , this is also  an opportunity to actually do the "TV" part of OccupyTVNY-- since most videos have remained on the internet...
let me know if you have more question or contact liz at the indypendent. I could try to come to a meeting and explain more but unfortunately media mtgs are at a time I am  not available and I have actually have stepped away from trying to be involved in production and editing for reasons I could explain on a different thread. but I am still here and would love to help out via list, or any of these external collaborations as much as I can.