From:   Katie Davison <>
Sent time:   Friday, October 28, 2011 3:16:01 PM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] RANDOM INFO DISSEMINATION

Below is a bunch of information that I've been wanting to bring to the meetings.

1 -
DA and Outreach are almost finished with a calendar of events and actions for the upcoming month - actions and events will be prioritized.  Amazing!
It will be ready on Monday.

Been talking to DA about focusing on getting the word out prior to upcoming actions with "propoganda" style pieces etc.   We should discuss further.

2 -
I've been asked to compile a list of in kind donations that our working group might need.  There are a bunch of unions that want to donate stuff.  Do we already have this?  If not, we should get it together asap.  Maybe at tomorrow mornings working group meeting?

3 -
I've also been asked to work on something for the November 5th actions.
Abe - I know you're already doing that.  Have you shot already?  Would love to be in touch and tell you what I know about what's happening that day.

4 -
I had a long convo with WITNESS a couple days ago - they're an amazing non-profit that works to use video as a tool for activism.  They sent us some links to some amazing resources:

We discussed how helpful it might be to create guidelines for "citizen journalists" shooting video for #ows during protests.
Below is a link to the WITNESS toolkit - released last month and captures 20 years of WITNESS learning on using video strategically for advocacy:

And below is a brief set of guidelines on "filming with your mobile phone":

Also - and this is live stream specific.
WITNESS is working to develop an application that would allow us to blur activists faces who don't want to be caught on camera.  This has been in the works for a while to protect activists in places like Syria where exposure of a face could have you killed.  As our DA's become more radical, this could be an amazing strategic tool.

5 -
Also - have been contacted by a guy from the Citizen Engagement Lab looking to create a centralized repository for video and still photography coming out of all the occupations. It would be based on the platform, which is built for citizen journalism (video specifically). The system takes uploads through a simple interface, and then automatically posts them to YouTube. It also stores a high-res copy of any video on a server for easy download (all creative commons licensed).

Let's discuss further.

6 -
Re the "Award Winning Filmmakers" looking to acquire our footage.
I would say, if any one individual on our team wants to add their footage to that project then they are absolutely free to do so.  But they are absolutely not given carte blanche to our creative commons server of work.