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Subject:   [september17discuss] Fwd: Campaign to End the New Jim Crow Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland and Occupy movement

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Statement of solidarity with Occupy Oakland and the Occupy movement everywhere

from the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow


The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow stands in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and denounces the brutal attack by the police on their encampment.  Oakland is predominantly a city of people of color, and this assault – while not the first against the Occupy movement nationally – reached new levels of violence with stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets. The attack by police in Oakland was aimed at those most victimized by the racial and economic violence in a city devastated by police brutality, foreclosures and unemployment. Carried out in Oscar Grant Park– re-named for a 2009 victim of a police murder – the raid underscored the depths of repression meted out against the poor and people of color.    We condemn this racist violence and pledge our solidarity and support with our brothers and sisters in Oakland both on the November 2 National Day of Action in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and beyond.


We further stand in support of the Occupy movement everywhere. The 1% has long prioritized building prisons, criminalizing people of color and policing our neighborhoods over the kinds of investments that sustain our communities: jobs, housing and social programs. Nearly $70 billion is spent each year to keep people in cages and in the grip of the prison and parole systems, institutions that only perpetuate economic injustice through the collateral consequences of a felony conviction and the new Jim Crow. A society where the majority of those behind bars, where the disproportionate number of those unemployed, hungry and without fundamental rights are people of color, speaks for itself: this is a world we are struggling to transform.


The 99% are the incarcerated and the formerly-incarcerated, the victims of racism and the police, the unemployed and the evicted. We ALL stand to win when these injustices are uprooted. The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow is in solidarity with the Occupy movement everywhere and joins the resistance to the 1% who aim to destroy our lives.