From:   Urbaned <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:22:23 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] DO NOT STRIKE

I am not a troll, I am a parent and teacher. I am a person who has been involved in this movement since day 1, and am trying to make my voice heard about "Restorative Justice." This is an indigenous form of justice in America that was decimated when the colonialists "civilized" our country. It is a non-violent (and non-angry) method that involves an elder of the community listening to the  "victim" and "offender," and determining a just resolution. It restores the community to a sense of peace and stability - and dignity. In my (long) life, I have never really seen a "strike" accomplish that. Additionally, although it is great to take to the streets, some cannot do so. The internet is our new weapon against mass injustice, and we are all just learning how to use it. OWS is doing phenomenally well so far, and I am glad to be part of it.