From:   Shawn Carrié <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:47:16 AM
To:   Global Revolution Media <>
Subject:   SPAM-MED: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] General Strike / Do Not Strike

Since this is a Media forum, I don't think this is the place to debate

whether to strike or not. The choice to strike is an autonomous one,

so telling people what to do is futile. The only thing we can do is

give them information, and since we are talking about Media here,

let's address the issue.


A strike only works if you have strength in numbers. An employer can

much more easily retaliate against a single or smaller group of

employees who strike, and we want to protect those who are in

solidarity - so knowledge is power. We need to get the word out that

New York is standing in solidarity with Oakland in calling for a

general strike. Again, this is not about "telling people to strike",

it's about informing people that there will be a a strike. redirects to the Oakland page. This give me the

impression that this is an Oakland thing and has nothing to do with me

here in NYC. I thought it was on the table to create a universal/NYC-

based page for the General Strike?


Please let me know what I can do to assist.