From:   Shawn Carrié <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 29, 2011 11:49:24 AM
To:   Global Revolution Media <>
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: General Strike / Do Not Strike

I've read the threads, allow me te clarify my statement:


A strike is only effective if many people participate. All the

wavering on whether or not to 'go big' on an announcement is not

getting us anywhere. And trust me, I understand the concerns about

how it will be perceived by people if it seems like OWS is 'endorsing'

this - I work in Publicity. I've talked to several reporters. I know

we have to be careful. But at the core of our principles is that idea

that each one of us in autonomous and free to make our own decisions,

and the GA is not a body that 'represents' anybody. We are just a

place for people to organize together. We don't vote on whether we're

going to strike - if I want to strike I strike, and if you want to,

you can too. I can give you all the information and encourage you to

strike, but we can't say "you're going to strike". That's part of

what we're fighting against.



So my point was that, I very much understand the reluctance to dive

into an action like setting up a page that would say "NYC GENERAL

STRIKE". Anybody who is not going to strike isn't going to decide to

do so just because of a website. But there (are) people who would not

strike if they didn't know that they have comrades who are doing the

same, in solidarity with them. Let us not be afraid. If there are

people who want to call on people not to strike, they are also free to

do so. But we are all autonomous. This is purely keeping to GA

structure and democratic principles. If we get consensus on a

proposal, a new proposal is required in order to contest the first

one. It's our right to call for a strike, if you're against it you

are also free to use your voice, but you cannot silence anyone else's