From:   Urbaned <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 29, 2011 12:32:25 PM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: General Strike / Do Not Strike

You are very correct, "Shawn." I have taken to heart your teaching about "telling others what to do." It would have been better for me to title the topic "Alternatives to a Strike?" or something like that. However, since we are following the strand, let me reiterate what I meant by that title. A strike involves a group, needs buy-in from many factions, and can become confrontational and dangerous. It can cause people to lose their jobs, which is not a great place to be at with today's unemployment rate. Also, in this day and age, a "General Strike," sounds outdated. First of all, some of us are scrambling to keep up and can't afford to lose our measly wages (thank you, 1%). Second, "strikes" are angry and belligerent in nature. Perhaps people had to gather and protest loudly on the streets in the past (and there is CERTAINLY a need for direct action in the present). However, the Internet is the revolutionary tool we have to possibly be even more effective, approach things in a new way, or supplement actions. For example, I think we should livestream mediation sessions (kind of like Judge Judy but outside of a court??). I do not like the Occupy Oakland Strike poster with a raised fist. As a student and teacher of Restorative Justice practices, I would rather see a poster with people sitting together in a Restorative Justice circle.

Until we learn to "restore" our communities to dignity with a sense of respect for all, and integrate common-sense reconciliation techniques into our new world, factions like the 1% will always be able to dominate and control us.