From:   rob hollander <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 29, 2011 1:49:09 PM
Subject:   Re: Re: [september17discuss] Send salt to liberty square

Cat litter won't melt ice. But it will absorb water before it can become ice and it will afford some traction on ice.

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 3:32 PM, grimwomyn <> wrote:
okay, as Lisa wisely pointed out-- kitty litter would be better and
less harmful on the tents.

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 3:27 PM,  <> wrote:
> The national weather service changed their minds, now they are predicting
> the temperature going down to 28 degrees by 6 am, so salt would probably
> help.  Sorry about the misinformation.
>  They are predicting 2 to 4 inches of snow.  Snow is a good insulator so its
> probably good to leave it on the tents.  Nobody should be alone in a tent.
> On 10/29/11, wrote:
> The temperature is going up, so ice is should not be a problem.  If my
> neighborhood is any guide there is lots of slush, so shovels might be
> better.
> On 10/29/11, grimwomyn<> wrote:
> Salt to keep the ice from freezing...spread the word

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