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It just started snowing in New York City -- and on the Occupy Wall Street protest out at Zuccotti Park.

Yesterday, the fire department removed the protesters' generators to prevent fire hazards. But it's cold out there. For the protest to go on, they need adequate shelter and warmth and they need it now.

Mayor Bloomberg has a duty to protect the First Amendment rights of the protesters to peacefully assemble and raise their voices.

Sign our emergency petition to Mayor Bloomberg to make it clear he'll work with the protesters to allow them what they need -- tents, shelter, warmth -- to continue making their voices heard from Zuccotti Park.

14,000 people have signed already. But it will take a lot more than that to get Mayor Bloomberg to pay attention. After you sign, please spread the word by asking five friends to sign too.

If you support the message of the Occupy Wall Street protests -- or even just their right to be there -- now is the moment to take action and spread the word.

Thanks for keeping up the momentum.

Bill Lipton
Deputy Director, WFP

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