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Thanks, Todd.


Yes, I understand that facilitators are not official leaders or

spokespersons. I will take your suggestion and contact someone from

the Facilitation Working Group first.


Maybe our approach should be to interview random members of the

various working groups. Or, have the working group itself nominate

someone for us to interview. The idea is not for that person to be an

official spokesperson... just a member who can help the outside world

understand what their working group does, etc.


We want to help educate the world about how OWS functions.... and

show that there's much more going on than what meets the eye.... and

what they see when they visit on-site.


If you have any contacts you'd suggest, please let me know. Thanks!



Only Love,






On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 9:37 PM, ddotto <> wrote:

> Hello,

> For the sake of understanding, I'd like to offer a minor correction about

> your stated intention. The role of facilitator in each and every group is

> rotated among most members. There is no leader or main authority figure or

> organizer, and the role of facilitator is not to be mistaken as a substitute

> for that. A facilitator is merely someone who understands the process by

> which we all communicate with each other (no matter which group you are in)

> and ensures that communication within the group adheres to that process.

> Perhaps you can begin your series of taped episodes by speaking with someone

> from the Facilitation Working Group.

> Best moving forward with your project,

> Todd


> On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 8:36 PM, Bruce Wagner <> wrote:


>> Josh, Michael, et al.


>> This sounds like exactly the project we're working on here at

>> OnlyOneTV.     We want to interview individual occupiers so they can tell

>> the world, in their own unedited words, what this movement means to them.


>> We plan to shoot interviews every weekday, five days a week, here in our

>> studio (5th Ave & 30th St --- which is a short ride on the R train from

>> Liberty Square to 28th St).


>> We want to include both --- individual occupiers speaking their thoughts

>> and feelings in a sort of soapbox style (clearly identified as their own

>> opinions)...  And on other episodes, facilitators of each of the working

>> groups, explaining exactly what their group is about, how it functions, what

>> are its accomplishments, challenges, goals, and needs... in their own

>> unedited words.


>> We're especially interested in showcasing the aspects of direct democracy

>> ( Facilitation ) being used.   We feel like the corporate media is totally

>> ignoring the most important aspects of what OWS is about, and what OWS is

>> achieving.

>> If you know of anyone who is well-spoken and would be a great interview

>> for this project, please contact me asap.  Text or voice: 646-580-0022.   Or

>> email:


>> Only Love,


>> Bruce



>> Bruce Wagner

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>> On Oct 29, 2011 7:47 PM, "Fix" <> wrote:


>>> Super geniuses think alike - this sort of idea was brought up a few

>>> meetings ago and there are a few folks who fit the profile. Sounds like a

>>> great project to plug the team into and get going.


>>> Michael Fix


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>>> On Oct 29, 2011 5:54 AM, "J B" <> wrote:


>>>> I know this should probably be in the forum, sorry.


>>>> Few possible content ideas:

>>>> What about a video/livestream, where people who've been misquoted by

>>>> mainstream media can tell the whole story?


>>>> This could tie into a larger idea I've had about, telling the story of

>>>> individual occupiers, perhaps in a video series? Originally it scared me

>>>> because I was afraid it would come off shallow and very MTV.  But I think if

>>>> there is a way we  could approach people with  respect and care it could be

>>>> well done. There are so many stories behind the people who have commited

>>>> themselves so fully to this movement, given up everything, to put themselves

>>>> on the frontline, daily, and we need to put a camera on that.  I believe

>>>> that this could be the viral content we have all been waiting for,

>>>> people/public who don't get it yet, will identify with voices in the

>>>> movement and be compelled to support, and we've all realized that once you

>>>> cross the threshold, theres no going back. It would be nice, probably easier

>>>> to shoot it all ourselves, but I wonder if there might be a better/more

>>>> democratic way, could we just put a call out for video and see what comes

>>>> in.   I was standing on the top of the plaza today looking at people who

>>>> didn't really "get it" gawking at people holding signs and almost all of the

>>>> cameras were pointing in.  This your chance to point the camera back at the

>>>> world and say, hey this is the way we see our world from all of these

>>>> different viewpoints... or if we were to shoot it, I wonder if you could

>>>> even make it semianonymous for the interviewee, like that 99% tumblr? Do

>>>> video posts instead, and put that on our website.


>>>> Random 5am, I can't sleep, even though I'm far too tired thoughts,


>>>> Josh



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