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Sent time:   Saturday, October 29, 2011 8:08:11 PM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #media content ideas

yes. i had a woman bring her friends to talk about why she is not an

unfit mother for "abandoning" her kids to come occupy.


I also like the idea of occucribs. a look inside the homes and lives

of residents. adding a more personal and human face to the blue

tarp'ed tents and plastic bins.


On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 5:54 AM, J B <> wrote:

> I know this should probably be in the forum, sorry.


> Few possible content ideas:

> What about a video/livestream, where people who've been misquoted by

> mainstream media can tell the whole story?


> This could tie into a larger idea I've had about, telling the story of

> individual occupiers, perhaps in a video series? Originally it scared me

> because I was afraid it would come off shallow and very MTV.  But I think if

> there is a way we  could approach people with  respect and care it could be

> well done. There are so many stories behind the people who have commited

> themselves so fully to this movement, given up everything, to put themselves

> on the frontline, daily, and we need to put a camera on that.  I believe

> that this could be the viral content we have all been waiting for,

> people/public who don't get it yet, will identify with voices in the

> movement and be compelled to support, and we've all realized that once you

> cross the threshold, theres no going back. It would be nice, probably easier

> to shoot it all ourselves, but I wonder if there might be a better/more

> democratic way, could we just put a call out for video and see what comes

> in.   I was standing on the top of the plaza today looking at people who

> didn't really "get it" gawking at people holding signs and almost all of the

> cameras were pointing in.  This your chance to point the camera back at the

> world and say, hey this is the way we see our world from all of these

> different viewpoints... or if we were to shoot it, I wonder if you could

> even make it semianonymous for the interviewee, like that 99% tumblr? Do

> video posts instead, and put that on our website.


> Random 5am, I can't sleep, even though I'm far too tired thoughts,


> Josh