From:   DMS <>
Sent time:   Sunday, October 30, 2011 9:50:29 PM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Blog is up and ready...

I sat down with the developer of our site tonight fro a few hours and discussed the media needs for the forum. We activated the blog on the media work group page.  It has everything we need as a platform minus server hosting (we need to link to outside servers hosting our content). I am sure this will be a discussion topic during our next meeting (won't be able to make Mondays 11AM due to freelance photo work). It is also a sub domain inside the site which may cause some consternation. But I think we should just move forward without deay and if we want another domain we can also add that to our public image.

The biggest concern we have is the how to organize the architectural structure of the blog, followed by the types of plugins we want to use then how to host our content. Dr. Ron is the developer of and is very open to our needs at this point. Al we have to do is ask.