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 OWS Radio Press Release
    danieltrumpets <> Oct 31 11:54AM -0400  

    This is the press release for #OWS Radio at WBAI. Please forward it to
    whomever, and particularly to press.
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    From: Tony Wbai <>
    Date: Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 6:16 PM
    Subject: OWS Radio Press Release
    Cc: Tony Wbai <>
    Tony Bates
    Program Director
    WBAI 99.5 FM
    120 Wall St. 10th Fl.
    New York, NY 10005
    *"WBAI is moving forward. We hope you're coming with us."*


    Bruce Wagner <> Oct 31 12:49PM -0400  

    This looks great!
    We're doing something very similar with "The Occupy Wall Street Show"
    here at OnlyOneTV ( ).
    It is taped daily, every weekday, but the format is video. Soon we'll
    begin broadcasting the shows live, as well as live-to-tape, and
    including a live chatroom for audience interaction, questions, etc.
    We plan to interview various members of the many working groups for
    updates, as well as occasional soapbox chats.
    The more quality coverage OWS gets, the better. Who needs old
    corporate media? We ARE the new media. :-)
    Only Love,
    Bruce Wagner
    OnlyOneTV | global television network
    text or voice: 646-580-0022
    On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 11:54 AM, danieltrumpets


 heads up
    Bruce Wagner <> Oct 31 03:02AM -0400  

    It's also very possible for a keyboard capture virus to steal your login id
    & password.
    Do either of you use Windows (Windows is known to have a million more
    viruses than Mac)?
    Is it possible that either of you ever logged on to your account from
    another computer?
    In any case, make sure your computer is scanned for viruses, then
    immediately change your gmail password again.
    On Oct 31, 2011 12:24 AM, "andrea ciannavei" <>


    andrea ciannavei <> Oct 31 07:23AM -0400  

    Thanks! I have a Mac. Didn't access it from anything but my computer and my
    phone as always. I changed the password as you suggested. What's a good
    program to scan macs?


    jim ginderske <> Oct 31 10:27AM -0500  

    Just fyi all of my access is either blackberry or a cheap netbook with
    (total crap) windows 7 starter...Thanks for the suggestions!
    On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 6:23 AM, andrea ciannavei <


    Bruce Wagner <> Oct 31 12:24PM -0400  

    Jim, Your using Windows could account for it... if it has a virus.
    Download and try the free version of
    It's excellent and you don't need to buy it ever. Let us know if it
    finds any viruses.
    Andrea, your case is more disconcerting. It's far less likely that a
    virus is the culprit because you use Mac. And if you're SURE you've
    NEVER used any other computer to log in to your gmail.... That is
    troubling. I can't think of any good explanation of how what could
    ( As for virus scan software for Mac, I personally don't know anything
    about which is best. Most Mac users I know, don't use any. )
    For sure, change your gmail passwords again, to something very secure
    --- and something you use for nothing else --- something that looks
    similar to this: ZJpm(9Fkby:z
    Use a program like the free program,
    to manage all of your passwords securely... so you don't need to
    remember them. There is even a free version for most phones, like: for
    Android. Used in conjunction with you can keep
    your KeyPassX password file on your Dropbox and access it from all
    your computers and phones.
    Hope this helps.


 Occupy Edmonton needs our help! Would someone call me at 312-890-2547 please?
    MOVEMENT BUILDING <> Oct 31 12:26PM -0400  

    Hi Eric & others.
    This is Michael from the Movement Building WG in NYC. In our WG, we are
    currently in a process of determining how best to handle requests such as
    this one. We will likely be bringing a proposal to the spokes-council in
    the next couple of days. In the meantime, we recognize how important it is
    for requests such as this one to be handled quickly and not be bogged down
    due to process. I have CCed some appropriate WGs in NYC so that others are
    aware of Edmonton's struggle.
    Some suggestions for Edmonton:
    1. Discuss the possibility of getting a public donation link on by contacting (CCed on this
    2. Come up with a list of specific needs in terms of goods donations, and
    we may be able to assist in those needs becoming more widely known about.
    3. Determine a specific request for education/training that you'd like to
    make of people here in NYC and we can see about putting something together
    to assist.
    4. If temperatures become life-threateningly low, consider convening
    indoors while figuring out the best course of action moving forward.
    We are here to aid and support, and will do what we can to help Edmonton
    become stronger and more stable as a GA and occupation.
    On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 9:44 AM, Alexandra Boonekamp <


 Guide to direct democracy video
    Andrew <> Oct 31 11:41AM -0400  

    Jay, YES! Lettuce do more mulitcam shoots. A part of egalitarianism,
    "Consent" is also an entire topic on its own that deals with the
    physical-spiritual side of consensus. I shot Lisa Fithian's
    Facilitation Training in the Atrium on 10-27 and it is amazing! I
    dumped the footage to one of flux's drives at the lafayette office. I
    have it too, let me know if anyone wants it. Let's continue. Meantime,
    pls lend psychological support to us creating a succinct and
    continuous source of educational media on or
    any url that we decide on. We're close to demo'ing a plugin called
    collabpress that we think will have the right project/task/organizer
    by login so that folks can begin working on media now. Dr. Ron, can
    you tell us anything or the internet group at large? Thanks!
    We desperately need to pass the working budget this week. (Attached)
    We need more online servers to dump/take footage 24/7.
    Open project oriented organization is what we can strive for, and I'll
    also need help building a project board for the park, organized by
    category. I have access to a 14' cube truck this afternoon if anyone
    knows of a place to get lumber. We could get reimbursed by finance.
    Having access to this cube truck is exactly the type of information we
    need running through our website, with needs and offers.
    Open source, can you tell us when will offer source code
    for these needs?
    Design, can you do some titles for this?
    I'll cut some of that facilitation video with anyone who wants it!!!
    On Oct 31, 2011, at 10:37 AM, Jay Arthur Sterrenberg wrote:


    Jaime Fallon <> Oct 31 11:14AM -0400  

    Those meeting this morning, report back on your location. People are
    looking to connect with you.
    Thank you.


 FDNY Property Vouchers for Generators
    Dallas <> Oct 31 11:13AM -0400  

    yes, victoria. I am of the same opinion. 20 feet is the rule for "open
    flame" from any enclosed structure/tent. 10 feet for flammable materials
    We can operate within those paramaters.


 Digest for - 11 Messages in 7 Topics
    Susan Forste <> Oct 31 11:09AM -0400  

    I am at the park near the Media area for the 11:00 meeting (I cancelled another appt to make it) but no one is here and Info doesn't know where the meeting is. Why is it so hard to connect with this group??
    Susan Forste
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 My fellow earthlings
    Vince <> Oct 31 08:42AM -0400  

    Hi everyone, I've been working nonstop the past week. Sorry for not being able to make it to any of the meetings, I've been keeping myself in the loop with the email threads though.
    I have to admit I feel the implementation of Abe's, The Wheel, is an excellent idea and will be very effective and efficient as long as we all stick to the script :).
    I personally am very thankful and proud to be on this team and able to connect with great minds and great people who are playing such a critical role in reinforcing the importance and positivity in this movement through the power of media and the use of our tools.
    I plan to be on site tonight for the media meeting / ga and then assist where needed with the shooting of ows taking place in the Halloween parade.
    Is there a crew already in place or being put together to head out there? I saw emails discussing the situation but didn't notice any finalizations. If there were, I definitely looked over them.
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    Fix <> Oct 31 09:25AM -0400  

    The meeting today is at 11am although it's unclear how well attended it
    will be - at some point the group needs to formally adjust the schedule.
    FYI I will not make it today - too much crazy in my life.
    Michael Fix
    Sent from my Star Trek like, mobile communication device, which is
    destroying language.


    Jaime Fallon <> Oct 31 10:18AM -0400  

    I am editing and will also not be able to attend the morning meeting today.


    Jaime Fallon <> Oct 31 10:47AM -0400  

    I would suggest meeting people at the media center in the park and
    moving on from there. But, typically the 11AM meetings have been at
    trinity church in good weather, otherwise at 60 wall street.
    On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 10:45 AM,


 [OWS PR] Fwd: Antarctica supports Occupy WallStreet
 Adjust your group settings
    Dwayne Henry <> Oct 31 05:04AM -0400  

    Just so everyone knows you can go into the Google Group and adjust the
    email settings so you get 1 or 2 consolidated emails per day from this (or
    any other) google group.
    Just open the Google Group (top column click on Groups or click more - then
    groups). Select the group you wish to consolidate emails from, and in the
    right column select 'Edit my membership.'
    Hope that helps anyone complaining about the volume of emails they are
    Dwayne Henry, Media Design MFA
    c. 732 850 6093


    Bruce Wagner <> Oct 31 09:29AM -0400  

    I'm not getting enough emails. How can I get more?
    just kidding ;-)


 shooter/sound for Wed 11/2 event
 General Strike?
    ddotto <> Oct 31 03:17AM -0400  

    It should be stated, when referencing RT News, that they have consistently
    provided the best reportage of the Occupy Wall Street movement from the
    beginning. Their YouTube archived shows are definitely worth viewing.
    *revolution - transformation - love*


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