Sent time:   Monday, October 31, 2011 1:26:17 PM
To:   Ryan Meador <>
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Occupy Tampa Needs Help

Brothers and Sisters of Tampa,

Comradely greetings from Liberty Plaza!  We received your request for financial solidarity, and as we speak, our Working Group and others are deliberating proposals on financial solidarity with your occupation—any proposal on this point must be reached by consensus by our General Assembly.  At Liberty Plaza, as in the Movement as a whole, these decisions take time to achieve consensus, but we know that you need our solidarity.  We are considering a two-phase response to the finances question, as the New York Movement does indeed have a disproportionately large sum of donations, but we refuse to be the "Wall Street" of the Movement.

In the short-term, we are deliberating proposals for one-time solidarity donations—possibly for emergencies such as yours, and possibly for all known occupations (and possibly for both).  These are only in the idea stage.  In the long-term, the Movement Building Working Group and many of the other NYC Working Groups hope to develop a way to share money with all other occupations—New York refuses to hold the purse strings.  All of this is in the proposal stage—but we hope to have decisive action on the short-term donations for you soon.  Nothing is certain yet, given the many levels of consensus we will need to achieve.

As the Movement Building Working Group in NYC, we have not been granted authority to make financial, direct action, or other decisions by our GA.  At the moment, we are working on creating the channels for inter-occupation communication to occur, in part so that issues like the one you are facing can be handled expeditiously and with appropriate response.  We fully understand the urgency of your request, and we know that time is of the essence here for all involved.  We are doing everything we can to come to a solution quickly while still adhering to our democratic process.

In the meantime, we are forwarding your request directly to the appropriate NYC working groups that may be able to act quicker than us - Direct Action, Outreach, Legal, Media, Facilitation, Press.  They have all been copied on this reply.  The New York Movement will deliberate a proposal for a specific solidarity donation to your occupation in the very near future, hopefully within a week of this communication.

Regarding legal questions we recommend that you call the National Lawyers Guild: The NYC hotline is: 212-679-6018. They are only responsible for NYC but they may be able to help since they have been doing lots of good work. The National hotline is: (212) 679-5100

Solidarity and Love,

NYC Movement Building Working Group

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 8:03 AM, Ryan Meador <> wrote:

The police have been ramping up pressure on Occupy Tampa for the last several days which resulted in 5 arrests between Thursday and Friday (10/27 - 10/28).


The final three arrests were unprovoked and resulted in one occupier (a legal observer) going to Tampa General Hospital in police custody (Karel David Soucre-Ramirez) and two going to the Orient Road county jail. One occupier who was taken to the county jail was charged with Battery on an LEO and Opposing the police without violent (Stephen Gentile) the other was charged with two counts of Battery on an LEO (Keith Cuesta). We still don't have an update on Karel Soucre as the hospital is denying his presence and the police forced members of OT to leave the hospital grounds or face arrest, however, we do expect that Karel will be charged as well (at this point we don't know with what).


Stephen Gentile has been a key person in OT as he and his girlfriend returned the week of the 15th from OWS. They returned with lots of knowledge and practical experience from their time with you folks. We are seeing a pattern in the arrests that suggests the police are targeting OT members who have been instrumental in pushing our occupation forward.


These arrests mentioned above were unprovoked, the charges are without basis as all occupiers have remained non violent and non destructive. We expect there may be more of the same within the coming days given the amount of protesting we intend to do. We are, however, in financial dire straits given the amount of arrests we are experiencing. We appeal to OWS to please send aid (Bail money, demonstrators, advisors etc.) if you can. Our occupation has been growing stronger by the day but we fear the end result, should the Tampa police intend to charge all members of OT they arrest with felony charges based on fabricated facts.




Please feel free to email me with your response, or I can be reached by phone virtually 24 hours a day.

Warm regards,
Ryan Meador