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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: occupy wall street analytics

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As I was saying I'll keep it short and sweet today. We've finished

comparing the results from wave 1 (10/5) with wave 2 (10/20-10/21) and

the results are encouraging to say the least! The total percentage of

respondents who agreed to the question "I have participated in the

Occupy Wall Street protests." has increased from a total of 24.3% in

wave 1 to a total of 43.3% in wave 2! This is a 78% increase in OWS

participation from the time in between wave 1 and wave 2.


Our collective efforts are paying off and it doesn't look like the

cold is slowing us down one bit! Here's the actual table.



I have participated in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

                                        wave 1 wave 2

valid 1. Agree strongly 14 30.1

    2. Agree somewhat 10.3 13.2

    3. Neither agree/disagree 22.2 16.9

    4. Disagree somewhat 14.7 10.1

    5. Disagree strongly 38.9 29.7

    Total 100 100



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