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Subject:   [september17discuss] Elevating the Thought, With the People (not For the people...)
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Dearly Beloved:
A lot of problems that this movement is facing is a lack of perspective, a lack of philosophy; not academy-like, detached-from-reality thought, but higher thought done from the grassroots up, theorizing and modeling the movement. If we don't elevate the thought, we are bound to be a narrow-sighted street activist movement. If you want to go radical, revolutionary, or whatever wording you find better to describe a fundamental change in the system of reference we live on, we have to elevate the thought.
Of course, not doing it like academia - thought that is secluded from people, done by a few "experts" and vomited out to society (high thought FOR people). Let's do it differently: let's elevate the thought WITH the people.
In that spirit, i am sharing now Guattarri and Deleuze's chapter on the "Rhyzome" - 26 pages of great insight on horizontalism and more. Hope that working groups start putting some more thought on what their proposals imply... the dilemma on Demands vs No Demands is a perfect example of more "neuronal cooking" that has to happen with all of us together.

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