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Thanks, Doug, you put it succinctly, going forward this is a global

class issue and this is the way we become stronger.



On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 8:46 PM, Doug Singsen <> wrote:

> I agree that non-white forces are key to the Occupy movement and that we

> need to represent the movement's diversity, but I disagree that the American

> Occupy movement is definitively white and middle class. In terms of class,

> the working class has been absolutely central to OWS, from the thousands of

> people who have come out to the mass rallies to the hundreds who visit every

> day to the very important role of the organized labor movement. In terms of

> race, it is true that we need to bring more people of color into the central

> organizing and that the politics of the movement need to be more solidly

> anti-racist and inclusive, but in terms of the people you will actually find

> at OWS or at the mass rallies, they are very diverse. So it's more

> complicated than just being a "white movement."


> I would also add that while the report of all the occupations is very

> inspiring, many of them are describing occupations under attack, which yet

> again highlights why we need to make the protest on November 2 in solidarity

> with Oakland and all the other occupations that are under attack.


> Doug


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> wrote:


>> Thanks for the report, fantastic job, gratefully appreciated and

>> needed, great great work. BUT and a serious BUT....not to be rude, but

>> i wonder why certain things are silences--you know like the big

>> elephant in the room--not a white elephant but a big black one!

>> I was glad to see the report on Occupy Africa, wow one non-white

>> occupation is included!! but alas, immediately reminded this is a

>> white middle classmovement--!!! well POOEY! i doubt it will get very

>> far...ummm what about the occupations in Egypt, in Yemen, Syria,

>> Bahrain (even the co-option of the movement by NATO/US in Libya) will

>> be informative towards a non-white middle class perspective of global

>> democracy, no? In fact some reports on these occupations may even tilt

>> the balance in favor of evidence suggesting without a doubt, that non

>> white dominated occupations in the global south are leading the fight

>> for democracy, otherwise some silly folks may mistakenly assume that

>> the antiglobal movement is only a euramerican dominated one (you know

>> that old enlightenment idea that only the west can save the rest of

>> humanity....yawn) so dear comrade, try to be slightly fair and

>> slightly more globally democratic..if you worked so hard to reach out

>> to comrades in all these places, also try to reach out to make some

>> brown friends ... what about chile and mexico and south america?  if

>> you should need any help finding those non white middle class voices,

>> believe me they are screaming louder and clearer than anyone else

>> worldwide, add pakistan and gaza too...

>> with love and appreciation!!! grateful!!!

>> Shaista



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>> >

>> > The Occupations Report: 10/31

>> >

>> > This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts

>> > across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local

>> > organizing efforts, protests/events and calls to action where

>> > additional support from allies/general public may be needed. Where

>> > applicable, I have included reports on police activity and legal

>> > battles which have been separated into two categories:  Category 1

>> > [police crackdowns including city code violations] and Category 2

>> > [civil disobedience arrests]

>> >

>> > For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the

>> > Occupation America podcast at

>> >

>> >

>> > BIG WIN:  Diane Sawyer announced on ABC Nightly News Friday night that

>> > big banks are backing off debit card fees after 300,000 people signed

>> > Molly Katchpole's petition against Bank of America's $5

>> > debit card fee. Not only is Bank of America revising its $5 debit card

>> > fee, but big banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are publicly canceling

>> > their plans to charge their customers for debit cards.

>> >

>> >

>> > NATIONWIDE: Several Occupy sites across the country are organizing

>> > Halloween-themed rallies, marches and events. Check out these Occupy

>> > Zombies marching in Boston This week: Occupy

>> > sites across the country are gearing up for nationwide actions

>> > including a general strike on November 2nd and Move Your Money Day of

>> > Action on November 5th.

>> >

>> > Occupy Wall Street: Author and activist Angela Davis spoke at Occupy

>> > Wall St. in Washington Square Park on Sunday. Thanking the OWS

>> > movement for transforming politics in the universe, she spoke to the

>> > brutal police crack-down on the Occupy encampment in her home town of

>> > Oakland and supported the call for a national strike on November 2 in

>> > response to that violence. ****In other news… Raw Story reported

>> > yesterday that OWS protesters who were left without power after their

>> > gas-fueled generators were confiscated by New York City authorities on

>> > Friday may have found the idea solution in the form of a stationary

>> > bicycle hooked up to charge batteries. Stephan Keegan of the non-

>> > profit environmental group Time’s Up showed off one of the bikes toThe

>> > Daily News, explaining that OWS’s General Assembly has already

>> > authorized payment for additional bikes and that “soon we’ll have ten

>> > of these set up and we’ll be powering the whole park with batteries.”

>> > **** Over the weekend Occupy Wall Street, in solidarity with Occupy

>> > the Hood, took action against “the homelessness forced upon innocent

>> > Americans through criminal foreclosure practices. On Sunday OWS held a

>> > rally and screenings of “Sing Your Own Song” followed by a discussion

>> > with actor and activist, Harry Belafonte. Speakers at the Rally

>> > already included Terrence Melvin of CBTU, Sonia Ivany of LCLAA, Pres.

>> > Sid Ryan of Ontario Federation of Labor, Anthony Harmon of APRI, Chris

>> > Provost - Chair of Univ Student Senate, CUNY, members of Transit

>> > Workers Union Local 100 and SEIU Local 1199. Earlier this week the

>> > NAACP put out a statement saying they are in support of the Occupy

>> > Wall Street / 99% movement.

>> >  ******CALL TO ACTION******OWS called an emergency meeting this

>> > afternoon to discuss, among other things, the use of funds to help the

>> > group survive the winter. Right now OWS is in desperate need of winter

>> > gear.  Go to

>> >

>> > to see a full list of needs.

>> >

>> > Occupy Arrests: The @OccupyArrests Project is looking for funds to

>> > continue the work of documenting Occupy arrests. The project seeks to

>> > document and publish an ongoing online record of those arrested in the

>> > Occupy Movement around the globe. They report that so far over 2,500

>> > arrests have been made. The project would involve the creation of an

>> > online portal for those active in the movement and those that want to

>> > learn more in a understandable and useful way. Elements of the portal

>> > would include searchable totals categorized by different factors, on

>> > the spot updates, legal resources, and profiles of protestors actually

>> > arrested. For more information contact or

>> > visit

>> >

>> > Occupy Austin:  [CBS local news report] A pair of pre-dawn

>> > confrontations between Austin police and Occupy Austin protesters led

>> > to 38 arrests Sunday. Most were charged with criminal trespass, Police

>> > Chief Art Acevedo said. No injuries were reported. The first

>> > confrontation came about 12:30 a.m. Sunday when officers moved to

>> > enforce a new rule banning food tables in the City Hall plaza between

>> > 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Some protesters surrounded the tables with arms

>> > linked. Protesters had been advised of the food table ban on Friday,

>> > Assistant City Manager Michael McDonald said. “We want to facilitate

>> > their activities,” he said of the Occupy Austin protesters, “but we

>> > can’t allow this to be a permanent campsite.”

>> >

>> > Occupy Boston: The Occupy Boston Students dressed like zombies

>> > organized a city-wide walkout, rally, and march on Monday.  Each

>> > campus organized to walk out of class in time to all convene at the

>> > gazebo in Boston Commons at 1 pm.  The rally in the Commons was

>> > followed by a march to the Occupy Boston site at Dewey Square. The

>> > walkout was called in solidarity with the wider Occupy Boston movement

>> > and specifically to highlight student’s main concerns: Fair and

>> > affordable higher education, student loans, and the corporatization of

>> > universities. These issues are at the forefront of the student’s

>> > agenda, since students are not unaffected by the wider issues

>> > highlighted at Occupy Boston, such as inequality, unemployment, and

>> > financial corruption.

>> >

>> > Occupy Cleveland: Issue 2 / SB-5 Teach-in. Monday, Stephanie Herrig

>> > from Working America held a noon teach-in about overturning SB-5 by

>> > voting No on Issue 2. Occupy Cleveland says overturning SB-5 is

>> > necessary in order to help unions. In the evening Occupy Cleveland

>> > will join Occupy the Hood for a Job Readiness and Training event.

>> >

>> > Occupy Dallas: The Hare Krishna took food and candy  to Occupy Dallas

>> > for Halloween today. Earlier in the day, Occupy Dallas twitter feed

>> > reported: “We #occupied the #CityHall Halloween party in a costumed

>> > silent presence, bearing messages.”

>> >

>> > Occupy Denver: [Democracy Now report] In Denver, riot police fired

>> > pepper balls and mace into a crowd of protesters after they attempted

>> > to move onto the State Capitol grounds. Some 20 people were arrested,

>> > including 13 who tried to erect a tent in an adjacent park. The

>> > arrests followed a peaceful march that drew thousands of people into

>> > the streets of Denver. Last night the group gathered in solidarity to

>> > hold a Sunset Peace Vigil.  This candlelight served as  a “collective

>> > stand against violence by individuals and police, and to refocus

>> > collective perspective on their primary goals of socioeconomic justice

>> > and peace.”

>> >

>> > Occupy Maine: [USM Free Press report] The Occupy Maine camp in Lincoln

>> > Park saw their resolve tested this weekend as temperatures plunged and

>> > a rare October Nor’easter dumped about five inches of wet snow on

>> > Portland Saturday night. The camp suffered some damage overnight from

>> > wind and falling branches. Occupy Maine member Denny Junkins, 21, said

>> > a communal tent had partially collapsed and some tarps had been blown

>> > off tents. But Junkins said campers are remaining positive and trying

>> > to rebuild. “It didn’t look too bad,” he said. “It looked like a big

>> > storm had come through, which is what happened.” Mike Oregan has been

>> > in camp for over two weeks, and he said on Saturday he is here to

>> > stay, come snow and cold weather.

>> >

>> > Occupy Myrtle Beach: [McClatchy report] Even though smaller group

>> > assembled Saturday in Myrtle Beach for their second Occupy Myrtle

>> > Beach, they had hopes for expansion to get their messages out in the

>> > community. Following a similar format to the inaugural meeting, which

>> > was held last week, people signed up and spoke to the group for five

>> > minutes about their thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement,

>> > changing government and demonstrating locally. “It takes us all

>> > wanting to come together and make change happen,” said Terry Mason

>> > Hendricks. “We have to get organized.”

>> >

>> > Occupy Nashville: Over the weekend, 67 members of Occupy Nashville,

>> > faced freezing overnight temperatures at Legislative Plaza in

>> > Nashville, TN. The third night of the re-occupation began with the

>> > arrival of 152 people volunteering to be arrested if Governor Bill

>> > Haslam and the Tennessee Highway Patrol continued to violate their

>> > first amendment rights of free speech. The community expressed its

>> > support throughout the night by sending donations of pizza, soup, and

>> > drinks. Hundreds of others joined them via livestream, facebook, and

>> > twitter. At 6am Sunday morning, as church bells rang in downtown

>> > Nashville, the occupiers triumphantly greeted the day with singing and

>> > chants of "Our plaza! Our plaza!" The THP did not raid the plaza and

>> > no arrests were made during the night. In other news,  a night court

>> > magistrate has refused to sign off on an arrest warrant targeting

>> > demonstrators because, he argued, state officials have no authority to

>> > set the curfew.

>> >

>> > Occupy Oakland: Protesters in Oakland are reportedly planning to

>> > occupy the office of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan today. And in other news,

>> > Oakland North reports: Heated confrontations between Oakland police

>> > and over 500 Occupy Oakland demonstrators during a march against

>> > police brutality on Saturday night threatened to turn into a repeat of

>> > Tuesday night’s violence, but the tension dissipated as the march

>> > moved away from OPD headquarters and into West Oakland. The night

>> > ended peacefully and without arrests. The march left Frank Ogawa plaza

>> > at around 8:30 pm and headed down Broadway. Many demonstrators held

>> > five-foot-tall wooden black “shields” showing the words “Stop Police

>> > Brutality” and images of skeletons. Some wore black hooded sweatshirts

>> > and black bandanas over their faces, while others were dressed in

>> > their Halloween best.

>> > VIDEO: Yesterday Occupy Oakland released what they call video proof

>> > that Oakland PD infiltrated their group and posed as protesters over

>> > the weekend.  You can check out the video here:

>> >

>> >

>> >

>> > Occupy Omnibus: lists 10 Essential Cross-Disciplinary

>> > Books About Protest. Check out the list here:

>> >

>> >

>> >

>> > Occupy Philadelphia: Occupy Philadelphia hopes the movement will bring

>> > more attention and help to the homeless population who have joined the

>> > group. The group is asking for donations of hats, scarves, coats and

>> > socks to help them maintain their presence through the winter.  There

>> > is a concern, however, among members that donations to Occupy may take

>> > away from donations to organizations that give to the needy. “We do

>> > have a very large homeless population on grounds here with us,” one

>> > protestor said. “We consider them our brothers in arms, we embrace

>> > them with open arms, we do everything we can to help them, and they do

>> > everything they can to help us. We’re in this together.”

>> >

>> > Occupy Portland:  Early Sunday morning, after warnings from the

>> > Mayor’s Office and the Portland Police Bureau, 25-30 protesters

>> > associated with Occupy Portland were arrested for breaking a park

>> > curfew at Jamison Square during the course of a peaceful protest.

>> > Protesters were charged with criminal trespassing, interfering with a

>> > police officer and disorderly conduct.

>> >

>> > Occupy Raleigh: Occupy Raleigh sent out several twitters today urging

>> > people to join the National Day of Action to *Move Your Money* from

>> > big banks like Bank of America, Chase and Citibank. The action will

>> > take place on November 5th.

>> >

>> > Occupy San Francisco: [Mission Local report] Hundreds of fat cats,

>> > corporate bigwigs, the top 1 percent and at least one *puppet* Barack

>> > Obama marched around downtown San Francisco on Saturday… While some

>> > dressed in traditional Halloween garb, most, like Connie Jeung-Mills,

>> > had some fun making political statements out of their getups. Hers was

>> > a pink alien outfit with a badge that read “(Alien) Nation 99%.” See

>> > pics here:

>> >

>> > You may also want to check out this SF Gate article on how Occupy SF

>> > has breathed life into a park that lay dormant for nearly a decade:

>> >

>> >

>> >

>> > Occupy USC: [Daily Trojan report] The Occupy USC General Assembly said

>> > it plans to focus on advocacy and  creating open forum, after the

>> > group held its second meeting Friday at Tommy Trojan. Occupy USC,

>> > which began Oct. 25 as an offshoot of the national Occupy Wall Street

>> > movement, aims to increase its presence on campus. “The main thing we

>> > wanted to work on as a movement was advocacy and getting people aware

>> > of what’s going on,” said Julia Wang, an occupy USC participant

>> >

>> >


>> > Occupy Africa: [African Country report] Until recently, the global

>> > Occupy Movement has been mostly restricted to South Africa (according

>> > to OWS’s own data collection) and to small protests by mostly white,

>> > middle class South Africans. But now they’re joined by Senegalese

>> > musician Baaba Maal. See video of  Maal talking about 99% with

>> > Okayafrica’s Allison Swank:

>> >

>> >

>> > Occupy Berlin: New York-based Susan Bernofsky attends Occupy Berlin

>> > and compares the atmospheres and strategies of the movement in both

>> > cities…

>> >

>> > Occupy Frankfurt:  Thousands of people marched in the financial

>> > district of the German city of Frankfurt this weekend.

>> >

>> > Occupy LSX:  In London, a coalition of Christian protesters has made

>> > plans to form a prayer ring around demonstrators encamped outside of

>> > St. Paul’s Cathedral. Efforts to evict the protesters have led to a

>> > storm of controversy, with both St. Paul’s canon chancellor and a

>> > chaplain stepping down over the decision to pursue legal action

>> > against the camp. **** In related news…  Occupy London celebrated

>> > their first week in occupation by taking a second site at Finsbury

>> > Square (about 5 minutes walk from the first site). The second site is

>> > still growing, and they need equipment and people. They've put out a

>> > special call looking for drivers to haul items they've collected from

>> > the old site to the new site.

>> >

>> > Occupy Montreal: During the recent Indignez-Vous! conference in

>> > Montreal, Council of Canadians chapter activists, Board directors, and

>> > staff visited Occupons/ Occupy Montreal to demonstrate their

>> > solidarity with the group. To see a 2-minute video by activist-

>> > filmmaker Paul Manly on this, please watch here or go to

>> >

>> >

>> > Occupy Toronto: According to Credit Union Times, organizers with

>> > Occupy Toronto are seeking out a credit union to park the more than

>> > $40,000 in donations they’ve received. The group, which consists of

>> > roughly 250 protesters, said it has been getting a steady stream of

>> > funds from supporters over the past two weeks. Of the $40,000 received

>> > so far, less than $1,000 has been spent, according to a Toronto Star

>> > article.

>> > Speaking of donations…  Occupy Toronto received yurts this weekend as

>> > they were attempting to winterize their camp. The large, wood-framed

>> > tents are a type of shelter popular on the steppes of central Asia,

>> > where it can get pretty chilly in winter. According to CP24, the yurts

>> > were paid for by anonymous unions, they’re being provided by a

>> > Canadian company called Groovy Yurts.  See pics here:

>> >

>> >

>> >

>> > Occupy Vancouver: A group of Occupy Vancouver protesters – “Occupy the

>> > Vatican” - marched to the steps of Holy Rosary Cathedral to disrupt

>> > the Sunday mass service yesterday. The group had planned on marching

>> > into the church to protest during the Sunday services but police

>> > officers prevented them from entering the cathedral. About a dozen

>> > protesters stood on the steps of the Holy Rosary Cathedral demanding

>> > to be let in, but were turned away by church volunteers.“I’m not

>> > asking you to renounce your religion,” the crowd chanted in unison.

>> > “I’m asking you to stand with Jesus, and stand for what he stood for:

>> > justice, brotherhood, sisterhood and righting the wrongs of the past.”

>> > Parishioners say people have the right to protest, but churchgoers

>> > also have the right to worship in peace.

>> >

>> >

>> > The Daily Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream using

>> > information gathered from online news sites, Twitter, blogs and other

>> > sources of occupation-related updates. You are welcome to share this

>> > report and can find it at

>> >

>> > If you have any questions, feedback or would like to contribute a

>> > report from your Occupy site, please send them along with your contact

>> > information to

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