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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Sunday 10/30 Media meeting

Sunday 10/30 Media meeting


Report backs



City hall rally


Mike M - emailed Justine and she replied that they are making their own Tab on occupywallst




- Stated that before proposing budget all efforts to get equipment from SIS, donated, used or discounted would be made.

- RFID tags?

- Josh detailed reasoning behind budget choices which is noted on budget itself

- Add locks for laptop, UBS power supplies (SIS has?) and a printer (SIS?)

- Add items for live stream...weatherproof for terra deck rigs (2-3), umbrellas, SD card readers, security locks for two Mac laptops.

- Next step with budget - should photography add their budget YES - get budget to media WG by Wednesday.

- Important to differentiate between equip for diff groups.


Abe Proposals

- The proposal was read again.

- Clarification about why wheel is worth acting on going forward despite it being imperfect and challenging. It can be modified as we go forward but we need to act.

- Since there were no concerns or no's in response to the proposal being posted to googledocs

- Proposal passes and now the challenge is to execute

- Thorin offered to take one month spot on wheel for Nov, suggested a note taker role and Jaime clarified that the one month coordinator can decide if they want to add folks to the proposal to help coordinate.

- Dave offered to be the monthly person.

- Abe restated and clarified the proposal. Suggested that the wheel is primarily for video capture but will liaison with streaming photo sub groups as well.

- Jaime offered to create packet describing duties, a guide, etc.

- Dave will be monthly coordinator


Creating interest piece proposal

- Restated and clarified

- Fix will add additional line regarding prioritizing usage of equipment and resources will be prioritized to active members.

- Abe asked what about if some contributes material but is not active member? Jaime said she thought that someone can post if they vet via MWG. John seconded this.

- Add to proposal that to participate you need to attend one meeting a week?

- Fix raised concern that he did not want to create a document that "legislates" the cooperative native that should be inherent in WG and is at the core of the GA principles.

- Proposal was left unresolved. Fix said he would consider discussion and adjust proposal and re-present at future meeting.

- Abe offered that YouTube has ways to group different videos on page (videos we like/favorites, etc).


Website status (Mike M)

- Concern that occupywallst does not have a video link.

- Thorin stressed that this is an "archive" but Mike M expressed confusion

- We need to create a website that aggregates photos, video, etc and it gets a tab on the main occupywallst site.

- Thorin said he knows them and can help get a tab on their site

- MNN may be an option for screening edited content.

- Fix offered to respond to Free Speech TV regarding their request for content.

- Mike M expressed that we do not have a tab for video on nycga

- What is the status Josh B, David and Andrew's status update on website which is supposed to be complete by Wednesday.



* Media area and media presence

* Differentiate between two live streams. Tent vs. Media area... Request that the two different groups please meet with the assistance of an outside facilitator ASAP to discuss and resolve situation and inform group.

* Security and lost/stolen items budget.

* Office space

* Badges?


Today's events

Interfaith march at 2:00 415 Atlantic Ave - march across Bklyn bridge arrive at Zucotti at 3:30 - Service at 4pm in LP

Angela Davis @ 5pm Wash Sqr Park

Bloomberg action this evening at Gracie Mansion


Monday: Halloween parade leaves park at 7pm



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