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Subject:   [Wall St A&C] Wall Street Bull Sacrifice Ceremony

here you go from Arts, if someone with camara  would like to enjoy them....

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Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 2:14 AM
Subject: [Wall St A&C] Wall Street Bull Sacrifice Ceremony
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Performance Script:

Intro -
The Bull is fucking up the planet and the poor. When he gets sick, people want to make him feel better, some even pet his balls for good luck, not knowing that actually the good auspices go to the already rich and powerful. Well, it is time to fuck up the bull, metaphorically of course, and await for the hidden charm of revolution to take effect.

Every Tuesday or whenever people feel like it, violate the bull symbolically: have sex with it, fart on his face, read poems to it, lullaby the bastard, start a monologue (he won't listen), inject deadly substances on his penis, or whatever creepy abjection you can think of. Tuesday we will have a media team to film you, but if you do it in another time, make sure to film that stuff and share it with the world!

-volunteers to annoy the bull
-tripod + cam (media team)
-symbolical actions - don't phisically destroy the bull dude, its dumb!

Charging Bull, near Bowling Green Station

Every Tuesday! 12:00 meet by the Bull, 12:30 start!