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Thank you. Feel free to share! OurSchoolsNYC is my brainchild and a growing platform for education and social justice organizing in NYC.

Justin Wedes
Activist & Educator, Brooklyn

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That is an amazing outreach letter. Great job and thanks for the passion and support!

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Dear friends,

I’m writing to invite you to be part of an amazing uprising. A process that is as exciting as it is unpredictable. A gathering that has already inspiredthousands of tweets, a Homeland Security memo, and food donationsfrom across the globe. A leaderless, broad groundswell of people across class and racial lines amassing with no unique demand or calling – yet.

On Saturday, September 17, Wall Street becomes our street.

And it will be your street if you take it with us. Not to shatter windows or harass local business owners. Not to intimidate residents or incite violence. To assemble. Peaceably. Inclusively. In the heroic style of the founding fathers of this once-great nation. This soon-to-be-great-again nation.

Our demands aren’t formed yet – we’ll form them with you, when we lay down on the public street and assemble in the thousands.

Our intentions aren’t vague, they are crystal clear – we will occupy these streets, re-humanize what has become Manhattan’s sterile Green Zone with sleeping bags and makeshift kitchens.

And we’ll assemble in a huge General Assembly to do what leaders on both sides of the aisle haven’t been able to even begin to do: construct solutions.

We’ll use consensus and we’ll take our time.

We’ll learn from each other as we build a functional camp in a dysfunctional world.

We’ll affirm our constitutional rights to free speech and to peaceably assemble.

Will you join us to #OccupyWallStreet?

-Justin Wedes
Editor, OurSchoolsNYC

PS - One concrete thing you can do today is join parents and community leaders to support the legal fight against charter co-locations, 9am at 60 Court St.

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