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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: can someone tell whoever spoke to the Village Voice

Hey all, I just posted the comment below in response to the article

that came out earlier today. I just want to add to this that while I

was having this conversation with the reporter I did not realize that

she was going to transcribe everything I said at that part. I thought

it was going to be a column article and not an interview until after

it was done. Also, she began the conversation with 'I hear there are

a lot of anarchists involved,' which doesn't show in the article and

makes it look like I brought up the topic myself. I'd like to point

out that I didn't name any names. That being said this was my first

time talking to the press and I pretty well botched it.


The insulting comments about me posted to the article are not

helpful. If you have anything else negative you'd like to add I would

appreciate it if you posted it here, rather than making this any worse

than it already was. I will see it.


I'll let the post speak for itself, but again if you have any more

comments please let me know.


Hey People, especially those from the GA,


I just wanted to clarify a few things from the article which came out

earlier today. After reading it, I think the tone of it came out way

too pessimistic regarding the GA and S17. More importantly, I didn't

mean or expect for things to sound so much against certain tendencies

within the GA, especially since nearly everyone involved has been such

a pleasure to organize with. I have an enormous amount of respect for

these individuals from the GA both as people and as organizers, even

if there are some political differences between us. In the end I

believe we share common goals, which is why I value our relationships

and the importance of us working together.


While I do stand by arguments I made, I recognize that the Voice was

not the best place to air some of these differences, particularly the

one about liaisons, which was inappropriate for me to talk about with

a reporter. If I had fully understood the format of the article which

was to be written, I would have refrained from discussing several of

these issues and instead have focused on the more logistical issues

around S17 and its promotion.


I would also like to clarify that New Yorkers Against the Budget Cuts

operates as a separate group from the GA.


As an individual I fully stand with the GA, which we have all worked

so hard together to build, in the expectation that S17 will be a step

forward in the fight against budget cuts and the war on the working

class in the United States and internationally.


In solidarity,


Will Russell



On Sep 15, 8:44 pm, David Graeber <> wrote:

> rule #1 of all activist media work is you don't badmouth other activists to the press.


> I mean I know a lot of you guys are inexperienced but this is beyond obnoxious.

>         David