From:   Harrison Schultz <>
Sent time:   Thursday, September 15, 2011 10:36:04 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] analytics report on

Hello NYCGA,


I have encouraging news to report! The number of visits and visitors to has been skyrocketing!


The increase began on Tuesday September 6th. Between Sept 5th and 6th there was a...

191% increase in visits from the New York Region - exactly where we most want to see it,

165% increase in total visits to the site,

162% increase in unique individual visitors to the site, and a

107% increase in returning visits to the site - exactly the kind we want.


I thought for a moment that the September 5th article about us in the Wall Street Journal may have at least helped driven traffic to the site, however the Wall Street Journal's site didn't drive any visitors to according to the data.


Due to the fact that the Arts and Culture Committee's trial run video clip, which now has 15,848 hits and 194 likes vs 8 dislikes on YouTube was released on September 6th, it is more than reasonable to conclude that the footage of the action has been a smashing tactical success in terms of improving awareness and positive favorability toward and therefore of anything and everything that we will begin to do this Saturday the 17th.


The trend which began on the 6th with this video has in no way slowed down. Between Sept 5th and Sept 15th there has been a...

679% increase in visits from the New York Region,

454% increase in returning visitors,

438% increase in total visits overall, and a

423% increase in total unique visitors.


The A&C's clips have been reposted several times over on sites which have been directly driving traffic to It has been posted no less than three times on the Facebook event page - on the 8th, 9th, and 11th of September. The Manu Chao spot was posted no less than 4 times on the event page on the 6th and three times on the 7th. Facebook has driven just over 10% of's traffic. The video was posted several times on Reddit along with a video from the Anonymous Group on September 11th which helped drive about 30% of a big spike we scored on that day. Reddit has been driving about 5% of's total traffic.


The take away lesson is that only a few of these clips had a huge impact in terms of spreading the good word. This is by no means the only strategy we should pursue but its perhaps the one we need to most fully explore and utilize. Creativity and digital recorders have proven to be highly effective weapons in this fight. Let's show up armed to the teeth this Saturday!


In solidarity,


Harrison Tesoura Schultz