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Subject:   Open Economy Forum at Occupy Wall St

Hi Vicente¡
good work¡
we will retransmit Economy debate in Madrid and in Wall Street N.York this 17S at the
 livestream/globalrevolution as well as the
livestream/spanishrevolutionsol, this is amazing¡¡¡
i please you to spread this news:
Hi all,

given the time pressure, here is an outline for the Open Economy Forum at Occupy Wall St:

Time: 1pm-3pm
Place: Bowling Green, right at the entrance of the National Museum of the American Indian.

According to what we have received right now, there will be 5 presentations. Presenters will have to introduce one issue (max. 10 min). After the presentations, debate will be open to interventions in the audience.

Michael Abouzelof - Transnational Capitalist Class
Diane Sare - Glass-Steagall and the American system of credit
Justin Wedes -  Tax havens
Christopher Rude - Capitalist production and finance: the difference between interest-bearing and fictitious capital  
David Graeber - Debt?

Given the time constrictions, and to allow greater interaction with the audience, we suggest to keep the presentations focused on explaining a certain economic mechanism, and not so much in proving a point.

To the speakers: please confirm asap your participation in this activity. If you have contacted more people interested in participate, please let us know. I'm posting this also in the GA googlegroup.

Thanks all (and especially the speakers) and see you soon!