From:   Jeremy Bold <>
Sent time:   Friday, September 16, 2011 2:48:32 AM
Subject:   Schedule information for the New York FUN Exchange!!!

Here is the Schedule information for the New York Fun Exchange - I expect to include most of it on a 1-pg flyer that I am still producing now!

Pre- & Post-Fun Exchange
Sept 16, 17, 18 Bike Bloc! 
Meet 7 pm @ Tompkins Square Park!

North Bowling Green
12-2:30 David Rovics sings Songs of Social Significance
12-2:30 Shred your Bank/Student Loan Statement
12-2:30 Face-painting / Flag-making
12-2:30 Street/Subway musicians

= South Bowling Green
12-1:00 Stand Up/Lie Down (comedic therapy)
12:30-1:15 Yoga
12:30-1:00 Story Corner
1-3:00 Open Economics Forum - feat discussions by the Michael Abouzelof by Transnational Capitalist Class, the Glass-Steagall act and the American system of credit, Justin Wedes on Tax havens, Christopher Rude on Capitalist production and finance: the difference between interest-bearing and fictitious capital, David Graeber on Debt and Empire. 
1:30-2:15 Yoga: FREE street yoga (brought to you by Solar Yoga NYC) 
1:30-1:00 Story Corner: For the kiddies, for the adults. Picture books and adventure stories - Alê will read about Waddy and friends

= Head on down to Wall Street and Broad (aka "The [arm] Pit") to partake in your own spontaneous act of autonomy!
Suggestions: Host an Open Mic!  Have a picnic!  Bring your own beach party!  Do some yoga!  Dress like a Bankster Prankster (you get to act like a punk ALL DAY)!  Unrelatedly, why not Waterballoon the Bankster Prankster (obviously)!

= Roving around (don't get lost!)
Video interviews - Answer "Why will you occupy?"
Pillow Fight - Make sure you bring your own pillow...and watch out for that sneaking Panda Bear!
Choir gone Renegade: 12:00pm meet-up, warm-up; 12:10 start to sing National anthems, protest songs - look for them on Federal Hall Steps and caroling all around Wall Street area!
Photo-ops: Recreate Banksy's "Flowertov Cocktail", Show us your Terra-Cotta Warrior! What is Planking? Contribute your story to the "We Are the 99%" Project
"Make ___, Not War" [brought to you by CodePink]

2:30 PM March to the Assembly: Assemble at South Bowling Green and (hopefully!) reassemble at Chase Plaza for the General Assembly at 3:00 PM!