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Yeah facebook is great but it is a closed system, so people who want to be anonymous cannot be since 90% of fb use their real names... all of it together works because then you are able to serve everyone... imho of course :)

On Sep 16, 2011 9:03 AM, "Harrison Schultz" <> wrote:
> Yeah! especially if you use Twitter and videos together by tweeting the
> video and scoring it more hits, the same can and should be done on FB and
> even on the sites with less reach like Bing and Stumbled upon. I'm
> beginning to feel like we should have been organizing this entire thing on
> facebook since day one precisely of how integrated all of this social media
> stuff is. It'll do a lot of the out reach for us!
> Harrison
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 1:08 AM, Luis Moreno-Caballud <
>> wrote:
>> Thanks! Great info! Great news! Videos are super-powerful! Also twitter...
>> On Sep 16, 2011, at 12:36 AM, Harrison Schultz wrote:
>> > Hello NYCGA,
>> >
>> > I have encouraging news to report! The number of visits and visitors to
>> has been skyrocketing!
>> >
>> > The increase began on Tuesday September 6th. Between Sept 5th and 6th
>> there was a...
>> > 191% increase in visits from the New York Region - exactly where we most
>> want to see it,
>> > 165% increase in total visits to the site,
>> > 162% increase in unique individual visitors to the site, and a
>> > 107% increase in returning visits to the site - exactly the kind we want.
>> >
>> > I thought for a moment that the September 5th article about us in the
>> Wall Street Journal may have at least helped driven traffic to the site,
>> however the Wall Street Journal's site didn't drive any visitors to
>> according to the data.
>> >
>> >
>> > Due to the fact that the Arts and Culture Committee's trial run video
>> clip, which now has 15,848 hits and 194 likes vs 8 dislikes on YouTube was
>> released on September 6th, it is more than reasonable to conclude that the
>> footage of the action has been a smashing tactical success in terms of
>> improving awareness and positive favorability toward and
>> therefore of anything and everything that we will begin to do this Saturday
>> the 17th.
>> >
>> > The trend which began on the 6th with this video has in no way slowed
>> down. Between Sept 5th and Sept 15th there has been a...
>> > 679% increase in visits from the New York Region,
>> > 454% increase in returning visitors,
>> > 438% increase in total visits overall, and a
>> > 423% increase in total unique visitors.
>> >
>> > The A&C's clips have been reposted several times over on sites which have
>> been directly driving traffic to It has been posted no
>> less than three times on the Facebook event page - on the 8th, 9th, and 11th
>> of September. The Manu Chao spot was posted no less than 4 times on the
>> event page on the 6th and three times on the 7th. Facebook has driven just
>> over 10% of's traffic. The video was posted several
>> times on Reddit along with a video from the Anonymous Group on September
>> 11th which helped drive about 30% of a big spike we scored on that day.
>> Reddit has been driving about 5% of's total traffic.
>> >
>> > The take away lesson is that only a few of these clips had a huge impact
>> in terms of spreading the good word. This is by no means the only strategy
>> we should pursue but its perhaps the one we need to most fully explore and
>> utilize. Creativity and digital recorders have proven to be highly
>> effective weapons in this fight. Let's show up armed to the teeth this
>> Saturday!
>> >
>> > In solidarity,
>> >
>> > Harrison Tesoura Schultz
>> >
>> >
>> >
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