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Definitely... though I think we are going to see alot of tents, if twitter is to be believed. Lupe Fiasco offered up 50 tents to people who need them and others on twitter are talking about bringing in tents. This might be an issue to work around... probably need to make some more noise about not bringing tents, or have Adbusters rescind the tent call if they can.

Sorry- this is more logistical... but things are about to get serious, and we want to keep people safe.

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Hey everyone,
Wrote to Harrison about this already, and will repeat to everyone. 
His stats on the "digital flux" of the movement was probably the most informative and witty way to describe dynamic virtual networks that i have ever seen. It blew my mind! As a suggestion/proposal, we must have what Harrison did weekly or bi-weekly if its possible, compiled by the tactical and comms team. Virtual Flux reports (VF reports). If we add to this Geo Flux reports (GF reports, the physical aspect of the occupation) we are adding an elegant intelligence aspect to the effort that will help us as a movement to understand our current status.
Let me further explain. What is a movement? A movement is a march of people. There is no movement by yourself, unless you entertain narcissistic ideas. It is a movement when the march is done by people, to people and with people (above all), pursuing a single or multiple purpose that may be evident or not yet clear; and since movements are in a constant state of flux, they can either escalate or shrink, thrive or die out. September 17th - a movement by now i believe, is beyond a date. It is a march that streches beyond a fixed point, the date is just the starting line in the marathon! :-) Which is good, lot's of fun ahead. No single one line demand can resolve the crisis of our times, and i don't appreciate the fact that the story out there is being shaped by voices that aren't necessarily the will and thought of the collective. We have to be careful to not be mass maneuvered, either by the Right wing media or our own people on the Left. We may have a one line demand for a time, build pressure on it and leverage our numbers for it, but still this is an ongoing struggle. The crisis runs deep, brothers and sisters...  
So, we need a way to assess if the movement is growing or shrinking. In a set period of time, is the # of people IN greater than the # of people OUT? Mathematically, this looks like the formula for weight-loss programs: is the amount of calories you consume greater than the amounf of calories you spend?
This occupation needs to happen on digital space (online, virtual space) and geographical (offline, cartographical space). 
I assume the occupation will look like the Haitian post-earthquake "tent cities" without the tents, ha. Thus, we need to make sure that if people have to leave to go home to replenish supplies, figure out their school homework, pay a bill, or something else, that we have a way to track the growing or shrinking trends of our movement on those two spheres, virtual and geographical. In the end the sum MUST add more people in than subtract. Fluxes of people comming in and out are expected due to the very nature of social movements.
In the next email, i will write down a proposal which is open to edits and criticism on the methodology.