From:   Alexandre Machado De Sant'Anna Carvalho <>
Sent time:   Friday, September 16, 2011 9:18:07 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Proposal - Foundation for Movement Analytics

Practical Proposal:
I am almost sure that people will camp in decentralized clusters following an 'affinity groups' pattern. If we could get a function-role up, with one individual in charge of sending an SMS text from each camp cluster confirming: (1) where they are, (2) 'when' they are (chronology), and (3) how many individuals are currently in your cluster-camp, this would provide us with raw data that can be used to our purposes of understanding, in an evidence-based manner, the current status of the effort.
(1) give to each reporting person of the cluster a # for stats purposes.
(2) from a random table of numbers or using a random # generator (, we could use cluster sampling to run some descriptive statistics on how the occupation is growing or shrinking across time.
(3) In the virtual and geo arenas, map that data, produce a movement cartography that will help answering the following research-action questions: is the movement growing or shrinking? where, according to the data, are our bottlenecks, and how to better position our talents and efforts to continue expanding?
Finally, a periodic Pin - Pout (people in minus people out) reference value, in a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  
So, using Harrison's baddass stats for the virtual arena (VF reports), and using my suggestion to evaluate the size of the occupation on the geography (GF reports), we will have a pretty beautiful dynamic map of the occupation, with its clusters and fluxes happening. This key information will aid Outreach efforts and overall strategy, as we build a growing front and reach the critical mass that we need to start being heard by the powerful. Tahrir square scene in NYC.
Lastly, mixed methods approach: use indicators to point out not only quantitative aspects but also "qualitative" aspects of the movement: this would include indicators on movement diversity, participation, power roles (is power cristallizing and becoming a leadership-followership pattern?), etc.
Thoughts everyone? Keep it peaceful and non-violent, always.
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