Sent time:   Friday, September 16, 2011 11:39:45 AM
Subject:   Call for Art and Culture Idea-Bits !!

Hi all, 

Upon reading Alexandre's treatment for "Bull" attitude scene ideas, I propose everyone submit one tiny idea like the one below, in as little as one sentence. 

Also @the Arts and Culture (A&C) meeting and on the drive there, we mentally illustrated a uniquely loving and creative protest, and I also feel that we have an opportunity to grow the integrity of who ever we are...Global Revolution...GA...many beautiful sites, by diverting our coverage of protesters using oppressive language.

That being said, my scene ideas will relate to the following:

Gender bending/breaking the gender binary
Sexual liberation (non oppressive)
Human bliss and expression (tight shots of a dancer's expressive face, or any performer, and interviews with all performers, and anyone with any aspiration to posess intellect.

When there's no action, since I've read on anti-oppression and anti-hierarchy, but not without anti-authoritarianism and egalitarianism, I'm going to move my mouth in front of the camera to add context, and call on my fellows to do the same.

There is an arts and culture schedule just out. I'll use it to know what to shoot, some of which could be done with up to 3 cameras at a time for one event, so that the editor can inter-cut. I'll be shooting/editing/hosting.
Please spread the schedule around.

I also have a personal content stream I'll be shooting for some of the time called The Human Channel. If everyone starts thinking about their own content streams (website, wordpress, utube, vimeo) so that you can put up the video you shoot and anyone else's who allows you to.

Anyone wanting to join me after the event with The Human Channel or otherwise, please do, I'll be cutting and planning more shoots next week and I can train anyone in any area of cinema/production.

Tell anyone in the press about this and hmm...who knows anyone at adbusters?

I'll see you all tonight at 288 atlantic, starting w/the media mtg at 5, I'll be there around 7 or 8.

Write down new people you meet's email addresses interested in arts+culture, or media listserve.



P.s. Also share the occupy ws orientation guide wallstreet on the occupy facebook page from I believe?