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Hi. I was just talking about this to someone in the IWW. There are

already a few Wobblies involved, one who has facilitated at some of

the organizing GAs. Of course, the IWW is not a big labor union these

days, but they actually have been doing work to organize people who

are outside of the big unions (a lot more such work than they did ten

years ago, I might add), and they do have contacts with a lot of the

"labor movement."


I know there will be Wobblies there tonight, and I have passed the

message along to one. So, if you are concerned about this, go around

and look for a Wobbly. :)


In the longer term, I think there should be some strategy for

appealing to workers outside of the trade unions and union

bureaucracies. We need to build more awareness in this country about

stuff that our European comrades have already been discussing for a

long time - precarity or precarious workers, newly proletarianized

workers, new ideas of class composition, and autonomous organizing.

(I talked about all of this in a small way in our little GA breakaway

yesterday; that was fun.) Since the percentage of workers who are

members of the known trade unions have sunk close to the single digits

(and are in the single digits in the private sector), there must be

other ways to appeal to workers and people's shared interest as

workers. Trade union bureaucracies, especially, have sold workers out

a bunch of times in recent history, with a big tendency toward making

concessions, so this certainly seems like a good time to think about

alternative methods. (This is my observation, anyway, and one that

has been shared by a number of people who are concerned about these

matters. On the other hand, I fully support the rank-and-file union

members and would never speak against the workers in a trade union





P.S. I can get some phone numbers of some IWW organizers and contact

them if people would like me to (though some of you may already be

talking to them :) ).



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> I couldnt agree more with Jackie -- labor's involvement is key and as she points out there are so many locals in the NY area right now that are waging their own disparate, isolated struggles against the machine that is slowly crushing them. Workers' involvement in this action would have a hugely transformative effect.


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> > + 1,000,000 to Jackie's proposal on working people / union struggles outreach and solidarity.


> > Also, why not invite people to protest Troy Davis's execution date at Liberty Plaza this Monday?


> > -Conor


> > On Sep 18, 2011, at 1:43 PM, "Jackie DiSalvo" <> wrote:


> >> We need more outreach to workers. The best way to do that is by showing solidarity with them. We can start by passing resolutions announcing our support for Hotel Trades Council workers on strike at the Central Park Boathouse restaurant and the struggles of NYC Local 1199, SEIU (Social  Service Employees Union) at Brookdale Hospital and Long Island Hospital in Brooklyn, also those facing layoffs including school aides, Local 372, DC (District Council) 37, AFSCME (American Federation State, County and Municipal Employees) and school bus drivers from the NYC ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union); of the CWA (Communication Workers of America) against demands for concessions at Verizon, of the struggle of Local 100 TWU (Transit Workers Union), to amend the NY anti-strike Taylor Law and of the UFT (United Federation of Teachers) to extend the Millionaire's Tax and the NNU (National Nurses United) to get a financial transactions tax.


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