From:   grimwomyn <>
Sent time:   Monday, September 19, 2011 9:31:47 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] lunch today

what about the food money that was donated?

Even though the google review is not so good there is a Key Food (very affordable grocery) a few blocks away from the park:

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:25 AM, J Wedes <> wrote:
Hey y'all, Telly over at liberato's pizza informed me we only have
about 8-10 pizzas coming for lunch, so I re-blasted our crowd-source

OccupyWallStNYC: ANNOUNCEMENT - @liberatospizza is taking your lunch
orders 4 us! (212) 344-3464 or
#needsoftheoccupiers #sep17

PLEASE RETWEET, REPOST, etc etc... we have a lot of people 2 feed!

Also, can we be ready 2 make arrangements 4 gluten free for lunch?
someone please advise.