From:   Vicente Rubio <>
Sent time:   Monday, September 19, 2011 9:35:45 AM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   SPAM-LOW: [september17discuss] Invitation to URPE conference

Hi all,


this is an email Chris Rude, one of the participants at the Economy

Forum, sent this invitation to upcoming URPE conference. I'm not sure

if thematic economy group was finally formed or not. If someone can

put me in contact with a member of the group, please do so. I would

like to talk with someone interested in moving this forward, I would

gladly help but I can't do this on my own. I think this would be a

good opportunity to do some outreach, and reinforce our thematic








Hi Everyone!


I can't tell you how excited I am to finally do some radical teaching

in the street in an action concretely coordinated with a political

event. Knowledge is ultimately about people taking power, not just

getting ahead.


Meanwhile, I would like to invite you to a 2-day URPE conference/

membership meeting that will take place 1-2 October at St. Francis

College in downtown Brooklyn. The theme of the 1 October conference

is "The War on the Working Class" and will consist opening and closing

plenaries and a set of workshops/panels each of which will bring

together people who have a theoretical perspective on the issues and

people who are actively involved in organizing around these issues

(some people do both, of course.) The theme of the 2 October

membership meeting is "The Role of URPE today."


Dean Baker has agreed to speak at the opening plenary, and a

representative of the University of Wisconsin's Teaching Assistants

Association (the union of the university's gradate teaching assistants

that initiated the takeover of the state capital) will speak at the

closing. One goal of the two-day event is to revitalize URPE so that

it can play a role in these difficult times. Another goal is to link

up URPE economists with New York City activists.


My invitation is specific: why don't we just move our Open Economy

Forum to Brooklyn?


Thank you,


Chris Rude

URPE Steering Committee