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Also, for a street action, I thought it might be good to go around

with a mobile phone, sharpies and paper and ask people to write down

why they are the 99%, take their photo and send it to the

wearethe99percent tumblr and cross post on all other media as well....

NYC natives are TOTALLY behind this in everyway as we have to deal

with Wall Street types in every area of our lives and the people who

work for those institutions are as douchy as the missions that they

serve, and everyone you will meet on the street has an amazing story.

It will really resonate with people across the country/world as well,

who are all watching this intensely and supporting us with their

hearts, minds, dreams, wishes, and hopes.


If I can get a twitter list of people doing this and they just send

the photos to their twitter streams I will take care of sending to the

99% tumblr so that they all wind up at the right place with minimal





On Sep 19, 11:24 am, grimwomyn <> wrote:

> I wont be able to make a meeting today-- but I am down for anything during

> the day during this week, just let me know. Also, any action at that

> conference will be covered by all the internets as it is being held by

> Mashable-- make it loud, peaceful and proud.


> mucho amor to all of you-priscilla


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> > Yes. We need to do outreach... This looks good.

> > Is anybody up for an outreach meeting later today?  We need a flyer

> > and we need to be talking to the 99%.


> > On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:05 AM, grimwomyn <> wrote:

> > > What does the group think about going to this conference for outreach and

> > > publicity to call people downtown?

> > action

> > > there since there are so many corporate sponsors?