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So, another high profile target to consider for tomorrow, and evening event that will be totally unexpected and would make a lot of noise would be to have an action at the New York Public Library's $25K a plate dinner tomorrow night. Usually the exact speakers/attendees of the events are kept hush hush until after, but here is a recent example: all of the attendees will be linked to the corporate power structure in one way or another.

The location is the main building at 42nd and 5th ave, with a park behind the library, Bryant Park:

The board of the NYPL is comprised of the top 1% and is just a great general target for a peaceful powerful action. For all it will scream abt how they are a struggling NGO, the library is worth over a billion culled from it's donors. So there will be a large splash of attention with little if any collateral damage to NYPL.

Bryant Park is usually crowded from the early afternoon on, so you could do a lot of outreach there prior in conjunction if you would like. Mix of both natives and tourists and it is public space.

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Thank you for sending this info out, Lisa!! This is exactly what a few people were suggesting yesterday in mapping out "pressure points" in the financial district to target this week. Any chance we can have another CD discussion/training this week in anticipation of Friday?

What about getting in touch with USUncut folks who held teach-ins/parties in bank locations around NYC? How about we try to "adopt" a few bank lobbies on Wednesday? We can record flashmobs to boost online pizazz.

see y'all tonight,

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Attached are some maps of industry players in Wall St and Mid-Town

If you need other sites to visit.   (Goldman is no longer at 85 Broad)


The Partnership for New York City is an industry association of all the wealthy players in NY  - just off of Broadway not far from Staten Island Ferry is a great place too!


The Downtown Association – rich peoples club just down the street from JP Chase Plaza


Great Lobbies in WS area

·         Duetche Bank on Wall Street – multiple entrances including subway

·         Winter Garden in the World Financial Center on the west side

·         JP Morgan Chase Plaza – subway accessible

·         Partnership Building

·         ATT&T on Water Street

·         One Financial Plaza – Wells Fargo & Morgan Stanley