From:   Isham <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, September 20, 2011 7:38:13 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Need flyers ASAP!

We have some huge outreach potentials.  We have been asked to speak at the Palestine Rally near the UN today, and we need flyers.  Can someone get a flyer up As Soon as Possible?  Be sure to include the websites.

Would like to have the flyer done and printed by 1pm today.  If anyone has ability to print that would be helpful too.

********First Flyer***************

General Schedule for Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti park (Near the Intersection of Broadway and Liberty Street)

8-9am:  Morning Circle
9-10am: March to Wall Street for the ringing of the opening bell
10-1pm: Break/Lunch
1-3:30pm: General Assembly
3:30-4:30: Second March to Wall Street for the ringing of the closing bell
4:30-7pm: Open space for Music, Teach-ins, Games, and Committee Break-out Discussion
7-9pm: General Assembly

**********Second Flyer***************

Occupy Wall Street People Over Profit March!
Meet at Zuccotti Park
(Broadway and Liberty St.)
5pm Thurs., Sept. 22nd